10 Bubble Tea Store Ideas

bubble tea store

Bubble tea is a bubble milk tea drink topped with chewy tapioca pearls. It is a very popular bubble drink that has been around for over 10 years now and still going strong!

Bubble tea is also known by many other names, bubble milk tea or Boba. Some of the bubble tea store ideas are incorporated into franchising business models. As you get to know bubble tea better, here are bubble tea franchise opportunities are available if you are interested in opening a bubble tea store.

Here are 10 bubble tea store ideas that may interest prospective bubble drink entrepreneurs –

Types of Bubble Tea Store Ideas – There are two types of bubble teas available today – black pearl bubble drink and green tapioca pearls bubble drink. A good brand name can draw customers in more effectively than relying on your store location alone. One example of an effective brand name is “Boba Tea & Juice Bar”.

Business Location – Most bubble tea shop is located in shopping malls near food courts or high street locations. They also have a presence in office buildings and universities that offer bubble tea as a refreshment alternative to coffee. There are bubble tea store ideas for sale which might be suited best to certain locations.

Home Bubble Tea Store – Making bubble teas can be done right at home, especially if you want to start a personal bubble drink business with small capital. All you need is the ingredients, a blender, a large pitcher, and some cups/stirrers/lids! Learn more about opening a bubble tea stand.

Source of Ingredients – A bubble tea business needs many bubble tea store ideas on bubble tea ingredients. The bubble drink is usually a combination of black/green pearl bubble teas and fruit flavors, but some bubble tea store owners have come up with their unique blend that has become a hit in the neighborhood!

Bubble Tea Bar – You can open a bubble tea business without necessarily having to be located at a high street or shopping mall by starting your bubble drink enterprise as an outdoor bubble bar. This bubble tea franchise opportunity involves setting up your bubble trading stand at weddings, parties, and other special events. Read more about opening a bubble tea shop here.

Franchise Bubble Tea Store – There are many affordable franchise opportunities available for those who want to join the growing bubble tea business. One of the bubble tea franchise companies is the Kung Fu Tea bubble tea store that has more than 270 bubble tea stores across 18 states in the USA.

Backyard Bubble Tea Store – If you have a backyard, you can start your bubble drink business by setting up an outdoor bubble bar at home with bubble tea ingredients to be prepared right in your kitchen! You can open this kind of business if you love drinking bubble teas and want to sell them for extra income or simply treat your friends to a bubble tea party. Learn how easy it is to brew bubble teas here.

Supplies Needed – A good number of supplies are needed to set up a bubble drink stand. Some bubble tea store ideas can help you set up a bubble tea business without requiring too much capital, especially if you team up with other bubble tea enthusiasts to share the cost of bubble drink supplies.

Sell Bubble Tea Store – Many bubble tea suppliers sell bubble tea ingredients in bulk at wholesale prices. You can find these suppliers if you look for bubble teas online or offline. In addition, there are numerous ways to promote your bubble drink stand once it is opened.

Refreshments – Bubble teas go well with popular Taiwanese finger foods such as mini sausages and stinky tofu! This gives you a few bubble tea store ideas on how to come up with a profitable refreshment menu for bubble tea shops.

We hope this article has been helpful to bubble tea enthusiasts!

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