2 Excellent Mocha Coffee Recipes To Try

2 Excellent Mocha Coffee Recipes To Try

Why not make your mocha in a special way just like you get in the Starbucks? Yes, there is a simpler version of the classic mocha that you can make and also try the special one. To make your perfect brew, follow some important tricks, and enjoy your mocha.

2 Excellent Mocha Coffee Recipes To Try
2 Excellent Mocha Coffee Recipes To Try

Simple Recipe Of Mocha


– Brewed coffee, 1 cup
– Cocoa powder (1/4 cup) or chocolate bar shavings (4 tbsp)
– Milk or cream, ½ cup

Do you know that as long as the proportion of milk and chocolate is 2:1 you can use any amount of cream or milk and chocolate?


It is very easy from here. Brew at least 8 ounces of coffee using your regular brewing method. Next, after your coffee has brewed, arrange a deep saucepan. Here add the milk and chocolate together and heat up the pan slowly putting it on a double broiler. You can also put it into microwave instead of an oven. If you want to melt the mixture in the microwave, then you have to heat it for 30 seconds and stir. It will become creamy and mix thoroughly. Add warm chocolate-milk mixture over your brewed coffee and enjoy your mocha with friends and family.

Recipes For Classic Cafe Mocha Of Starbucks


– Strong coffee or hot espresso, 1 shot
– Chocolate syrup, 3 tbsp, use syrup of good quality like from Hershey’s
– Steamed milk, 1 cup
– Vanilla extract, ¼ tsp
– Aerosol whipped cream
– Cinnamon for sprinkling


• Take a large coffee mug. In it, pour 2 tablespoons of the chocolate syrup.

• After that, add your espresso or coffee into the mug. Over the coffee or espresso, pour vanilla extract. Don’t forget to stir well.

• Over the coffee-vanilla mix, add the steamed milk you have prepared. Stir it gently to keep the layers intact. Now top it off with whipped cream and 1 tbsp syrup. You can lastly add cinnamon if you want.

2 Excellent Mocha Coffee Recipes To Try
2 Excellent Mocha Coffee Recipes To Try

Variations Of Making Mocha

• You can add whipped cream along with chocolate shavings. It will give the feel of a reputed, coffee-shop mocha.

• Why not use whiskey, Baileys Irish Creme, or any liquor of your choice to make an adult mocha drink.

• You can simply add a layer of your espresso, next cold cream, and over it shaved chocolate. Don’t mix anything. So, you will drink the espresso with a layer of cream and chocolate.

When you are making your coffee at home, you can experiment like the baristas. You may discover something different than you usually make.

Tricks Of To Make Mocha

1. Freshly Roasted Coffee Beans

When you are making any coffee of your choice, make sure to utilize freshly roasted coffee beans. It will prevent you from getting the stale and burnt flavor. You might need a lot of chocolate as well as cream to hide bad coffee taste if the coffee beans are not roasted freshly.

2. Talk About Chocolate

When it is about ingredients for coffee, don’t make any cheap choice. If you have cheap chocolate syrup at your home, then keep it for your ice cream but not for coffee. Your homemade coffee should get real chocolate. You can add some dark chocolate or any other chocolate shred of your choices.

3. Make It Personal

You can experiment with the coffee pairings as there are limitless ways to pair it. To get a classic mocha taste, use dark roasted coffee. Pair that with pure dark cocoa powder or shredded dark chocolate.

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