6 Things To Look Into An Electric Coffee Grinder

electric coffee grinder

If you like your coffee perfectly brewed, then get an electric coffee grinder that will make your work easier. There is lots of better grinder to prepare the right coffee mixture for you, but confusion is obvious when so many are available. Here are the right tips for shopping for your first coffee grinder

What Is An Electric Coffee Grinder?

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A coffee grinder is a small compact machine with sharp blades to crush the coffee beans. They are far better than manual machines as you can set the speed for different results. Their ability to crush coffee faster and give desired results makes it even handier for machines. 

 On the other hand, manual machines steal lots of your time, and precision is not always guaranteed. Moreover, you can process any amount of coffee in one single batch. So, get an electric coffee grinder right now. 

Tips To Buy An Electric Coffee Grinder

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Even though all grinders are made for the same purpose, you will find lots of bad and unworthy grinders in the market. How to spot them? Check out for these signs of a good coffee machine.

The Noise Factor

To be obvious, all grinders make noise, but some are extremely noisy while others are quieter. If you are habitual of 2-am coffee and don’t have grinded coffee, then low-noise grinders are perfect. 

Grind Settings

Some of them have 40 or 60 settings that mean more flexibility, and coffee beans will be finer. This would improve the taste of your brew, so look for an electric coffee grinder that has more settings. 

Micro Adjustments

Coffee variation like espresso needs a finer mix which is not possible with any type of grinder. Look for the one with micro-adjustments at least 4-5. 

Check For Dosing Style

Timer and On-demand are two commonly available dosing styles that allow you to let the machine grind with manual operation. Weight-dosing style grinder are new options in the market that allow you to set a timer as per the weight of the batch. 

Blade Vs. Burr

These are also the two grinder types available in the market. Blade grinders are cheap and perfect for first-timers. However, their uneven results can make it imperfect for espresso lovers. 

On the other hand, burr grinders are known for precision and better control over-processing. This means you will get less wastage. But its heavyweight and more power consumption can make you switch to blade grinders. 

Steep Vs. Stepless 

Besides micro-adjustment styles, you should also look for these two specific types of grind adjustments. The steep grinders have lever release options that allow you to lock the level and let it operate. They also come with a self-holding option for those who want to adjust settings between processing. 

The stepless grinder allows you to make infinite settings without the need to preset. On the other hand, an electric coffee grinder with stepped adjustment stops at present positions. 

These were the necessary things to consider when looking for a coffee grinder. 

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