A Quick Look at Caffeinated Tea – The Best Caffeinated Teas Coffee vs. Caffeine Tea and More

caffeinated tea

What is caffeinated tea?

Caffeinated tea is any variety of black or green tea that also has caffeine in it. Caffeine is the stimulant found in both coffee and soda that makes you feel more awake.

What are caffeinated teas good for?

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Caffeine teas, like caffeinated coffee, contain caffeine, so they can improve mental alertness and wakefulness. This is especially useful when people drink caffeinated tea before doing tasks that require mental clarity or acuity. These effects of caffeinated tea are similar to caffeinated coffee in most cases. However, caffeinated tea does not carry the same diuretic effect (causes you to use the bathroom more) that caffeinated coffee has.

Which caffeinated teas are best?

Below, we take a look at which caffeinated teas are considered some of the best out there:

1) Dragonwater Caffeine Tea – 6mg Per Serving

Dragonwater Caffeine Tea is a caffeinated black tea that does its job in just one cup. Since it has 6mg of caffeine per serving, this caffeinated tea gives you the mental boost that you need without being too caffeinated. The caffeinated content comes from finely ground coffee beans and natural cane sugar so there are no preservatives present in this beverage. This caffeinated tea can be brewed hot or cold. You can add milk or creamer to your preference when brewing caffeinated tea for a creamier taste, but do not add any sweeteners.

2) Mighty Leaf Decaf Tea – 5mg Per Serving

Mighty Leaf Decaf Tea is a caffeinated green, white, oolong, and black tea blend that will give you a caffeinated kick without the caffeine. Each caffeinated tea serving of this caffeinated blend has 5mg of caffeinated content, which may not seem like much, but it is enough for some people to get through the day with an extra boost of mental clarity.

3) Bigelow Decaf Green Tea – 15mg Per Serving

Bigelow Decaf Green Tea is a caffeinated green and white tea blend with 15mg per caffeinated tea serving (you can drink up to 3 cups of caffeinated green and white tea in one day before you reach 200mg). This caffeinated green and white tea blend do not contain any caffeinated black teas; therefore, if you want a caffeinated black caffeinated tea, you can brew caffeinated black caffeinated tea with caffeinated green and white caffeinated tea to create your own caffeinated tea blend.

4) Doi Chaang – 15mg Per Serving

Doi Chaang is a caffeinated oolong tea that has 15mg of caffeine per serving. This caffeinated tea is harvested in Thailand by hand one leaf at a time. Because it has such low caffeine content per cup, this caffeinated oolong will give you the mental boosts that you need without giving you too much caffeine or making you feel jittery. Since this caffeinated oolong comes from high-quality organic leaves, each serving tastes amazing with malt, chocolate, and vanilla notes.

5) Stash Decaf Green Tea – 15mg Per Serving

Stash Decaf Green Tea is a caffeinated green tea blend with 15mg of caffeinated content per caffeinated tea serving (you can drink up to 4 caffeinated cups of caffeinated green tea in one day before you reach 200mg). This caffeinated green tea has zero calories and zero grams of sugar, so it doesn’t leave you feeling bloated or sluggish after drinking it. You can combine this caffeinated green tea with other caffeinated teas like Bigelow decaffeinated green tea for your own custom caffeinated brew.

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