A Simple Cold Brew Coffee Recipe For Magical Taste

A Simple Cold Brew Coffee Recipe For Magical Taste

Some of you might be asking what cold brew coffee is. Is it iced coffee? No, it is not. Do not get confused. Iced coffee is brewed with hot water and then poured over ice or chilled. Cold brew coffee gets the name from the process itself as you will see in this cold brew coffee recipe.

It is brewed using cold water or water at room temperature over a brewing time of about 12 to 24 hours. This brewing method uses time instead of heat to extract the flavors. Coarsely ground coffee is used. The resulting beverage is low in acidity and has intense natural flavors.

This is the easiest way to brew coffee so let us get right into it.

Equipment Cold Brew Coffee Recipe

Since this is an easy process you do not need sophisticated equipment. All you need is a container, a cup, and a grinder. You can use a French press but that is more complicated so let us do the easiest method. Ensure the container you use is easy to lift since you will strain the coffee.


You only need filtered water, roasted coffee beans, and milk. Milk is optional.

Cold Brew Coffee Recipe
Cold Brew Coffee Recipe

Brewing Process For Cold Brew Coffee

Grind the coffee beans into very coarse particles. This will prevent over-extraction and prevent the brew from becoming bitter and muddy. If the particles are too coarse you might end up with dilute coffee or you will have to wait for extra-long hours.

The coffee-water ratio depends on your desired personal taste. As a beginner, you can start with a 3/4 cup of ground coffee to 4 cups of water. This will make fairly concentrated coffee.

Put the ground coffee in the container and slowly add water while gently stirring. Cover the container with a clean cheesecloth to prevent dirt from getting in.

Let the coffee steep for around 15 hours.

Put a straining cloth over another jug and strain the coffee into it.

That is it. You now made yourself some cold brew coffee.

Adjusting The Taste Of Your Cold Brew Coffee

There is no specific ratio for a magical brew, so you have to adjust the ratio until you find the perfect balance for yourself. The perfect balance will give you the magical taste that you want. For a more concentrated drink, you can use more coffee and less water, and for a lighter drink use more water than coffee.

You can also adjust the grind of the coffee beans to get the taste you want. Finer ground and longer brewing time will give you a more concentrated drink. Be careful not to prolong the process such that your coffee becomes bitter.

If you like experimenting you can try adding other flavors during the brewing process and have your own Starbucks in the house.

Simple Cold Brew Coffee Recipe
Cold Brew Coffee Recipe

Serving Cold Brew Coffee

Cold brew coffee can be served hot or cold. The method of preparation remains the same. To get a hot cup you just have to warm it. You can also add milk and sugar to your cup. Do not add them to the whole brew as this will shorten its storage life.

Final Words

Making coffee has never been simpler. I would call it the lazy brewer’s recipe. You get such great taste for so little effort. This kind of brew also stays fresh for quite a while, around 4 days. This method also saves a lot of time. It is just another great way of enjoying coffee.

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