An Easy Coffee Cake Recipe You Can Experiment With

easy coffee cake recipe

What exactly is an easy coffee cake recipe? It’s A very delicious breakfast cake that’s so delicious for breakfast to begin the day or even for a warm, steaming cup of Java! Coffee cakes are able to take many different shapes and many different flavors.

For example, perfect for a quick and delicious brunch, good old grandmother’s Coffee Cake with Brown Sugar Icing recipe is usually cooked in a large tube pan (the same kind you would bake pancakes in). You simply pour the batter into the pan, smooth down, and put in your choice of toppings. My mom makes a wonderful Cinnamon Roll Coffee Cake, which has a delicious combination of cinnamon and brown sugar. If you’re not as bold, try a variation of this recipe using both white and brown sugar and drizzling with some more melted white and brown sugar over the top.


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One other version of an easy coffee cake recipe uses streusel. The streusel actually comes in quite a few different varieties, but one you can easily find is the French style stresses which comes in large chunks and is a type of cross breed of flour, salt, and butter. This is delicious when mixed with the coffee flavor. To make the streusel for this recipe, all you need is about a teaspoon of dried fruit, a tablespoon of molasses, and a tablespoon of cinnamon. Mix these ingredients together and then spoon the mixture over your coffee cake batter.

If you prefer to have a really easy coffee cake recipe at any time, then the best bet is to experiment by baking one in an electric coffee press. This is a really unique coffee cake recipe that can be made at home without any cooking experience. You simply mix the dry ingredients into your coffee cup, add your favorite coffee, set the coffee power on high, and in less than two minutes you will have your coffee cake ready. There is no need for a cooking spray or lining or anything like that. It simply tastes great, and it’s a coffee cake anyone will enjoy!

Cinnamon And Apple Pie Filling


Another unique easy coffee cake recipe you might enjoy is one that combines cinnamon and apple pie filling. You will want to start out with a pastry shell or a Graham cracker crust. Place the pie filling inside, and then arrange cinnamon chips in the holes of the crust. This delicious coffee treat can be made in just a few minutes using a microwave, and it tastes delicious as it goes.

One more delicious, easy coffee cake recipe combines cream cheese and apple pie. This dessert is rather intricate, so if you are a newbie you may want to play it safe by starting with a traditional cream cheese and apple pie recipe. Just use cream cheese and you will then spoon the filling into the holes of the Graham cracker crust.

Fresh Fruit

Then add a scoop of fresh fruit in each cavity, and you will have a delicious breakfast dessert. It is also nice to top off this breakfast with a drizzle of some fresh whipped cream.

There are also many other easy coffee cake recipes out there that you can try. Some even call for ingredients that you already have laying around the house. In fact, I found a coffee cake recipe that calls for crushed ice cream, and all you have to do is substitute frozen yogurt for the ice cream. The result will be a delicious dessert that everyone will love but one that won’t take much preparation time.


Another great easy coffee cake recipe that you can find online is one that requires baking soda, butter, and milk. All you have to do in this recipe is to combine all of these items together in a saucepan until they begin to soften. Once they are fully blended, pour them over the cooled cakes and then let the cakes cool before frosting. Once you frost the cakes, you can pour some chocolate chips over the tops before serving. This is an easy and quick way to spruce up your cake and make it a fun treat for any occasion.

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