Benefits of Tea Over Coffee Consumption – Can You Lose Weight

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When you think about coffee, there are some people who would immediately say that coffee is better than tea. Leaving aside the health benefits of coffee over tea, the reason why coffee is so much more popular is probably that it actually has more stimulants in it than tea. This is a common misconception that needs to be corrected right away. While tea does contain caffeine, it is nowhere near as potent as that of coffee.

If you are going to drink tea, it would probably be because you like the taste or because it’s something you can easily prepare without the fuss of preparing coffee. However, tea is actually superior to coffee in several ways. If you want to learn about these advantages, then read on and find out which beverage is really better than the other. In fact, you can even enjoy them both at once without having to compromise on taste and quality.

Benefits Of Tea Over Coffee

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The first advantage is health benefits. Both coffee and tea are rich in antioxidants. What this means is that they help prevent the oxidation of bad cholesterol. This is important since the latter is considered to be one of the causes of heart diseases.

Secondly, tea helps prevent premature aging. Studies show that drinking tea helps slow down the aging process since it contains antioxidants that are proven to protect the body against harmful free radicals. This means that by drinking coffee, you might be able to keep yourself looking young longer, but there is no way that you can make tea help keep you young.

Thirdly, there are many other health benefits to drinking tea over coffee. For one thing, you will feel refreshed after drinking a cup or two. Many experts suggest that you drink at least 4 cups a day. If you cannot handle such large amounts at once, try taking smaller cups so that you do not cause your stomach to experience discomfort. However, when it comes to health benefits, you cannot ignore the number of anti-oxidants contained in this herbal tea.

A Much Ado

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Fourthly, coffee has many health benefits but none as great as the benefits of tea. Tea has been used for many years as a health tonic. This is because tea is known to reduce cholesterol levels and increase your immunity against infections. Moreover, you will not feel like you are taking any medications or have to take any pills to stay healthy. In fact, you can make tea just as healthy as you can make coffee by using all-natural ingredients.

Another advantage of this beverage is that you will not have to worry about your caffeine withdrawal symptoms. Unlike coffee, which can leave you with a feeling of insomnia, you can sleep well after you drink tea instead of coffee. There are no unwanted side effects of drinking tea compared to coffee, and there are many health benefits of the beverage. You can choose from green or black teas and enjoy their benefits without any side effects. In addition, if you are concerned about the number of calories in the brew, you need not worry anymore because tea has many natural sugar substitutes so you will be able to enjoy its benefits while still losing weight.

Bottom Line 

Last but not least, there are no negative effects when you choose to drink tea over coffee consumption. The two drinks can have the same effect – they can make you feel refreshed and energized. The difference though comes when you choose to drink tea over coffee. People who regularly drink this beverage have been reported to lose several pounds, even up to 15 pounds in a month or less. In addition, women who have type 2 diabetes have been reported to decrease their blood sugar levels and have an improved appetite.

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