Best Espresso Beans – How To Choose The Best Espresso Beans To Brew Your Best Espresso In Your Own Home

best espresso beans

What is the best espresso machine for you? It’s not really the specific espresso beans that determine the quality of your espresso. But rather the grinder, pressure, and brewing time? They all have something to do with it, right? To get a really good shot of espresso, all your beans must be finely ground to achieve a very creamy espresso shot, so the more pressure you apply, the more ground your beans will require.

The Grading

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In order to distinguish between the good ones and the bad ones, an organization called the coffee association gives grades. Coffee from small, family-owned farms and plantations are given higher grades, like diamonds or emeralds, so they are the best espresso beans. The association also has a long-standing history of working with small farmers and local plantations, which it says improves the quality and supply of coffee. These smaller operators tend to hire workers who live in the surrounding area and share their day-to-day life. This means that they are often much better equipped to deal with the different environments that they will face when preparing a cup of coffee.

The Flavour

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One thing that coffee drinkers seem to really like about the best espresso beans are the rich, bold, bitter-sweet flavour. There is something about the combination of softness and boldness that bring out the taste and aroma. Unfortunately, most people don’t care too much for the rich, robust taste. They are looking for a flavour that is smooth and mellow, not too spicy and not too smooth. So, what do they look for? Is there a way to develop a rich, complex flavour that can be achieved by roasting the beans?

The Operation

One way to get a rich, complex flavour is to start off with a medium roast. Although you can use the espresso beans directly from the manufacturer, if you want to do things right, it works best to go with the medium roast. This gives you a fuller body and flavour, along with a more subtle aroma and less caffeine. Some people also think that a full-bodied espresso goes well with rich chocolate, but it just works best with medium roast beans.

Brew Blend

Another way to get a rich flavour is to take a lower grade bean and use lower wattage water to brew a blend. By doing this, you can achieve a sweeter and lighter flavour. You can even add milk chocolate to the blend. The only problem with this is that the milk chocolate will give your blend a slightly bitter taste. However, if you are only worried about trying new flavours, then this is an option that you could try. It might not be as good as using the best espresso beans, but it does work well in creating unique mixtures.

Arabica Blend

If you are not too concerned about going with the best available beans or don’t like to drink coffee with milk, then go with one of the other two great options. The first option is to use a medium roast arabica blend. Arabica beans tend to have a nice, smooth flavour that goes great with a variety of different flavours. You can also take advantage of the caramel content found in the beans to make a delicious dessert coffee, such as an espresso with a browned sugar glaze.

Coarse Grind

If you would prefer a different type of flavour, then you can choose a coarse grind. Since these beans are so finely ground, they go through an extremely long brewing process that involves lots of heating. After the long-brewing process, you want to extract the freshly extracted flavour from the beans quickly. For this reason, it is important to use coffee that has medium strength. Look for a medium roast, if you are concerned about the intensity of the flavour.

Wrapping Up

Finally, when it comes to flavour, think about the roasting method used. Most espresso drinkers prefer a robust coffee bean. These are best suited for bold, robust flavoured drinks such as espresso for breakfast and even after dinner. For those who enjoy a sweeter note, then a lighter roast would be better. However, if you are looking for a medium taste with lots of body, then a very light roast will get the job done. Medium roast beans also allow for an optimum level of aroma and flavour.

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