Black And Decker Coffee Grinder Express Review

Coffee grinders have been around for centuries, and Amazon’s newest addition to the range is the Coffee Grinder Express. It’s been designed to make grinding coffee fast, easy and more efficient. This all sounds like a lot of convenience but does it live up to its claims? We’ve put it through its paces and found that it’s as good as it claims to be. Here are some quick and informal reviews.

This appliance came as part of an Amazon voucher promotion. It comes complete with a stainless steel grinder, bean hopper, bean bag, coffee filters and a blender. You simply add water, put the blender on a ‘cycles’ setting, pour in the coffee and spin the blender. The grinder makes grinding coffee fast and easy, even easier than when using a regular old grinder.

Within A Few Minutes You Have A Perfect Cup Of Coffee

After putting the beans through the grinder, you just put them into the hopper. Within a few minutes you have a perfect cup of coffee ready to drink. The hopper holds around 20 ounces of your freshly ground coffee. This means that if you’re like most, you’ll only need to fill the hopper three times as much as you use for brewing. That’s a huge saving.

In addition to the Hopper there are four individual grinders. These are just the basic ones that come with the subscription. They’re all removable for simple cleaning. There are also bean burrs resistant grinders that you can invest in, allowing you to grind those unwanted specks of coffee.

Amazon Coffee Grinder Express Models

A cup of coffee on a table

There are two basic types of Amazon Coffee Grinder Express models. One has an electric motor which moves the grinder around to get the right combination of beans. The second has a hand crank. The hand crank moves the appliance around manually to grind the beans. Either model is equally effective.

Both grinders have a mesh filter that keeps the grounds from getting stale. The grids are very fine and tightly packed, resulting in the absolute best taste. I grind my own espresso beans using this type of grinder, and they remain flavorful and fresh for up to two weeks.

Simply Add Water And Begin Grinding

The appliance makes it easy to enjoy your freshly ground coffee straight out of the appliance. Simply add water and begin grinding. You’ll immediately start to taste the difference. Coffee beans lose their flavor when they are sitting around for too long. Adding hot water immediately grinds the beans down to a concentrate. This ensures that your coffee will taste exactly how it should taste.

If you enjoy drinking espresso, you will love the Amazon Coffee Grinder Express. It’s worth every cent. You won’t have to worry about going back to standard coffee grounds. Your coffee will taste better than any store bought product out there. It also looks good and will keep your countertops looking great.

Try The Black And Decker Coffee Grill

For the ultimate in coffee, try the Black and Decker Coffee Grill. This is not your typical coffee griddle you’re used to seeing in restaurants or coffee shops. This piece of kitchen equipment is ideal for entertaining because it’s always ready to be used. It’s basically a portable grill. What’s even better is that it only takes minutes to cook your favorite delicious meal.

My favorite feature is the large LCD screen that keeps you informed of your progress. Once you’ve blended the beans, it displays what kind you’ve got. At this point you can put in a little extra water, bring it to a boil and use the different buttons to change the flavors. It’s easy to become an expert at coffee making with this wonderful appliance.

Final Words

The Black and Decker Coffee Grinder Express also comes with a stainless steel blade and a grinder cover. This is an excellent choice for the dedicated coffee maker who likes to know exactly what goes into their cup each and every time. It will also be an exceptional addition to any home kitchen since it’s so versatile. You can use it for roasting as well. It is important to note that the prices on these pieces of equipment vary greatly. There are some models that go up to three hundred dollars. Don’t sacrifice quality for price, especially when you can have the same quality for less.

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