Blueberry Coffee Cake Recipe- Quick Yet Tasty

blueberry coffee cake recipe

This is an old-age recipe for blueberry coffeecake. It has its own story. In the year 1954, a 15-year-old girl from Chicago with the name, Renny Powell submitted a blueberry coffee cake recipe to the Pillsbury one lakh dollars recipe and baking contest. The girl then secured second place in the junior division for her blueberry coffee cake recipe. This recipe was named boy bait as this cake was accused of a habit-forming effect on young men.Blueberry coffee cake is easy to make and is jam-packed with blueberries. This cake which is also known as the boy bait had been popular ever since that time.


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Preparation time-20 minutes

Cooking time- one hour

Total time- one hour 20 minutes

Servings -12

Yield- one Bundt cake


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Two cups all-purpose flour

Half Cup butter

Two teaspoon baking powder

One teaspoon ground cinnamon

Three-fourth cup all-purpose flour

One Cup Brown sugar

Half teaspoon salt

One cup white sugar

One egg

One teaspoon vanilla extract

Half Cup milk

One cup of fresh blueberries

One- fourth cup confectioners sugar for dusting


Preheat the oven to about 350 degrees F.

Grease the bundt cake pan well with the butter.

Make the topping mix by mixing one cup brown sugar, two-third cup all-purpose flour, and cinnamon in a bowl. Cut in one-half cup of butter. You have to prepare the topping mixture crumbly. Keep it aside

Beat half cup butter in a bowl until it’s creamy. Add one cup of white sugar and beat till it becomes fluffy. Beat in one egg in the mixture and add vanilla extract.

Whisk two cups of all-purpose flour, baking powder, and salt in it. Add milk to the creamed mixture in batches beating it after every adding each batch.

Pour half of the batter into the prepared cake bundt. Cover it with blueberries and add the remaining batter by tablespoons. Cover it with the topping.

Bake the blueberry coffee cake at 350 degrees F for around 60 minutes until it’s golden brown. Remove the cake out of the microwave and let it cool. Dish it out onto a plate after the cake has cooled. Now dust the cake with the confectioners’ sugar.

Nutritional Values

Per serving- 401 calories

Protein – 4 gram

Carbohydrate – 61.1 gram

Fat- 16.3 gram

Cholesterol – 57 milligram

Sodium – 303 milligram


This cake is a quick snack along with a coffee. It is a good option for one in a hurry. You can always go for making modifications in the recipe such as, you can use buttermilk instead of milk and increase the number of blueberries or you can sprinkle some of the toppings over the blueberry layer. This cake is very delicious to eat. This cake can also be frozen for up to three months.

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