Capresso Coffee Makers: Why a Good Choice

capresso coffee maker

Capresso coffee makers are some of the most practical, convenient, and affordable options for brewing a great cup of coffee. Capresso makes a number of different models, so finding one to suit your needs shouldn’t be difficult. From single-serve machines to automated and programmable coffee brewers, you can easily find a Capresso model that will suit your specific needs. Here’s a quick rundown of Capresso machines and some of the reasons why they’re the best choice for many households.

Capresso Coffee Makers

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Capresso is a unique manufacturer of both single-serve and automated coffee brewers. For the single-serving machine, try a Nuances model with its easy-to-use frother and built-in grinder. Capresso utilizes powerful but quiet high-speed versions of its traditional frother and grinder parts. In addition, its exceptional quality and advanced technology enable it to grind and brew a variety of beans, not just espresso beans. Capresso’s other single-serve espresso machines include the Valor, Monticello, and Polirritmo, each offering similar features and styles and in the same wide price range. For even more options, Capresso offers an extensive selection of automated espresso machines designed for commercial settings and residential use.

Features: Capresso Coffee Makers

Capresso’s most popular and simple coffee maker, the Barista, offers both a burr grinder and a blade grinder. These units will quickly and evenly grind your coffee beans into a fine powder. While you may think you’ll spend more on a high-end unit featuring a burr grinder, the result of using a burr unit often produces the best cup of Joe. In fact, many people prefer to use burr machines for their daily brewed espresso.

Capresso’s first electric burr grinder, the Cupless, has a built-in milk frother that makes making cappuccino a breeze. Simply place the cappuccino filter into the other, fill it with cold milk, turn on the motor, and put the coffee filter into the cappuccino maker. A few minutes later, you have a perfectly made cappuccino. Now that’s convenience at its best.

Capresso’s second most popular espresso machine is the thermal carafe. A thermal carafe is made from plastic which allows coffee to retain its freshness longer. Unlike the burr grinder, which must constantly be replaced, the thermal carafe can last forever! The thermal carafe is also easy to clean; simply wipe it down after each use with a damp cloth. One feature of the thermal carafe that sets it apart from all other models is that it includes its own warming plate.

So what makes the thermal carafe a good choice? Well, the first obvious reason that it’s a good choice is that it provides a consistent quality cup of coffee. If you take the time to warm the carafe after each use, the end result is a wonderful cup of cappuccino. Many people prefer their coffee to be warm rather than hot, but a properly constructed thermal carafe will keep it at just the right temperature for a perfect latte or cappuccino.


Another important advantage of the thermal carafe is the superior flavor of freshly ground beans. The flavor of freshly roasted beans varies quite a bit from bean to bean. This variation can be overcome somewhat by using an electric burr grinder, but those that don’t have that option may find that using the thermal carafe makes for a more consistent quality cup of coffee. Another advantage of the coffee maker is able to produce freshly ground coffee that has an even and consistent flavor and aroma is; it can be used over again, which means that you get repeat use out of your coffee maker.

Bottom Line

Capresso also makes use of two different-sized grinders in their lineup. The smaller grinder is geared towards producing fine powder at very high-end speeds, and the larger grinder can produce medium-to-full coarse powder at moderate to high speed. These two differences, combined with the fact that the company uses a unique thermal insulation process that allows for a wide variety of choices in both the size and strength of the grinds that they produce, make Capresso coffee makers some of the best around. Other popular companies that produce coffee machines include Keurig, Senseo, and Tassimo.

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