Choosing the Best Coffee Near You Some Helpful Tips

First of all, consider what coffee you would like to have. Ask yourself if you want a coffee with cream or sugar. Consider if you want coffee that is organic or coffee with more caffeine. Maybe you are looking for coffee near your home, coffee near work, coffee near the hotel you are staying at…or maybe all of those things! With so many options out there, consider what exactly it is you are looking for in a coffee.

Once you have thought about this, begin to ask yourself where would I like to get coffee? Perhaps an answer will surface immediately. If not, use some of the tips below to help narrow down your search!

Check Your Phone Book

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One great way to find an excellent source of coffee is to look in the phone book under “Coffee” and see who pops in your immediate area. If you are at home, this is even easier. Simply pull out your phone book and look under coffee shops in your area that have one-star or higher reviews. This will help you narrow down coffee places near your home that people have enjoyed most.

Once you have filtered coffee places according to the above criteria, pick a few of them at random and give them a call to see if they are open yet. If not, wait until the morning they are supposed to be open so you keep all options available!

Go Online

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Nowadays it is very easy for coffee providers to set up their own website with information about their business on it. You can easily browse coffee shops online by clicking on the link below (or within another webpage). This coffee shop directory provides coffee shops in categories such as a coffee house, coffee roaster, and coffee roaster located around the world.

When Checking Online…

Check out where they source their coffee from and how it is roasted. Are they giving back to the community? If so, this is a great sign that you can support!

Look at pictures of the coffee house and try to find pictures of what people order when they go there. Pictures will tell you whether or not you would like what is offered at each location.

As mentioned above, check reviews of others who have been to that coffee place before. The more positive reviews there are, the better chance that coffee place has excellent and quality coffee (though nothing is certain, as coffee is a very subjective thing).

At the coffee shop…

Order coffee from your coffee house of choice. If you are particularly indecisive, ask for their special coffee at the moment so you can try something new.

Once you have ordered, take a sip and think about what coffee would go best with that drink order. Is this coffee creamy? Does it have hints of citrus or other fruit? How does it taste? Is it acidic?

If you love coffee, never be afraid to talk to a barista and ask questions! They will often give you free samples to make sure that the coffee house remains in your good graces. You can also find out more information from them about why they recommend coffee X over coffee Y.

If you are looking for quality coffee near your home or office, then consider using the tips above to find a coffee house that you will enjoy. Good luck!

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