Coffee Ice Cream Recipe You Might Want To Try At Home

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Ice creams are awesome summer hits that are everyone’s favorite irrespective of any age group. Ice creams do come in amazing different flavors like vanilla, blackcurrant, butterscotch, blueberry, etc. But ever heard of coffee ice cream? Yes, coffee ice creams are widely famous with the name “ Affogato” but the exact recipe is not the same as Affogato. Coffee flavored ice creams can also be a home celebration dessert hit which would attract loads of attraction. Coffee lovers would be in love and would go crazy over this amazing Coffee Ice Cream Recipe mentioned below which is easy to make at home with just simple ingredients. Make sure to try this out at home to satisfy the coffee cravings. 

Ingredients Needed

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The super-easy homemade Coffee Ice Cream Recipe needs no extra shot to be perfect and delicious. With just some of the easy-to-get ingredients mentioned below, one would easily be able to make this amazing recipe. The ingredients needed are – 

2½ Cups of fresh milk

1½ Cups of powdered sugar 

1 teaspoon of vanilla extract

1½ tablespoon of coffee powder 

3 cup Fresh cream 

Hot water

Condensed Milk 

Preparation Time 

This Coffee Ice Cream Recipe takes just 40 minutes to be prepared and served. The preparation time may vary depending upon the freezing time. 

Steps To Make The Perfect Coffee Ice Cream

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By following the below steps, one would certainly be able to get a hand on the easiest Coffee Ice Cream Recipe in the world. These are just some traditional basic ice cream preparation steps with a twist of coffee to them. Here it goes – 

The first step is to mix the coffee powder with a small amount of hot water. Then, this mixture is kept aside and the next step is followed. 

For this step, one needs to whip the cream into a smooth texture. 

After whipping the cream, the milk, sugar is added to it and are mixed well. The coffee mixture that was prepared in the first step is also added. 

One can also choose to heat the milk, sugar, coffee mixture for 5,6 minutes on a low flame and then consider pouring it into the whipped cream bowl. This would make the blending process easy.

Then, vanilla extract is added up to 3 drops and condensed milk is added. 

The entire mixture is blended firmly till it becomes a smooth mixture. 

Then the mixture is covered with aluminum foil and is kept for freezing until it freezes as well as ice cream. Then again the blending is done using a mixer and the same freezing step is followed. 

Now the Coffee Ice Cream Recipe is ready and can be put on ice cream platters for serving.  One may choose to add some choco chips on the top for garnishing. Chocolate coffee sticks fixed to the ice cream scoop would also be an amazing decoration piece. To get the Affogato effect one may serve it with a double shot espresso on top of the ice cream. 


To get the best taste out of the Coffee Ice Cream Recipe mentioned one must make sure to use the appropriate mentioned amounts of ingredients. The balance amount of ingredients would let one get the smooth texture of the ice cream. One also must make sure to whip the cream with a blender to get a good effect. The milk and cream must be fresh to taste good. 


The coffee ice cream is extremely delicious with a refreshing aroma ice cream dessert that is a must to try at home. The recipe is straightforward with easily accessible ingredients which is a plus point of the recipe. The entire food carries a good amount of energy, protein, fats, carbohydrates, fiber, and cholesterol. Happy cooking!

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