Coffee Mugs, Ideal For Travel Purposes

Coffee Mugs, Ideal For Travel Purposes

Every morning, our day starts with a coffee. We cannot think of starting our day without sipping on our favorite coffee. However, besides coffee, coffee mugs also hold a special place in our hearts. We love our coffee mugs and can’t think of losing them.

Coffee Mugs, Ideal For Travel Purposes
Coffee Mugs, Ideal For Travel Purposes

Demand for coffee increases, especially on cold winter days. The longings to enjoy hot coffee increases as one feels more comfortable by sitting back and having a cup of hot coffee. But the mug which we utilize does not satisfy our needs. There is a variety of cups that are available in the market. The thermocouple mug is not comfortable enough to handle, and the one which we use daily may not prove to be fruitful. The cup which is designed according to the demand seems to be satisfactory. The one which includes all the components, especially which keeps the coffee stays hot for the longest time are the perfect ones. The one with advanced technology and gives an ideal temperature according to the weather fills our satisfaction.

A few ways to choose coffee mug are as follows.

Material Of The Coffee Mugs

There are different materials from which mugs are made, including plastics, glass and stainless steel, porcelain. Hybrid coffee mugs are usually made from plastics, while stainless steel is used as an outer shell for a protected plastic-lined cup often used as traveling cups to take a coffee to work or to the beach. The more traditional porcelain mugs work so well as they retain heat. Check the insulation before purchasing.

Watertight Lid

The lid of some coffee mugs is spill-proof. It depends on our desire which type of cover we prefer and accordingly we can purchase the cup.

Size Of The Cofee Mugs

The size for cups and mugs is based around a standard format for a single serving, which is usually 12 ounces and can range up to 20 ounces or even more for novelty coffee mugs.

Coffee Mugs, Ideal For Travel Purposes
Coffee Mugs, Ideal For Travel Purposes

Care Of The Coffee Mugs

Before buying mugs, you should see whether hands could wash them or they are dishwasher safe free. Proper cleaning of the cups is essential for hygiene purposes. It can be cleaned by any sponge or by a bottle brush.

Here’s a list of few best travel coffee mugs.

OXO Mini 10 Oz Travel Mug

Oxo mug is with three silicone seals and double-wall construction. It ensures that whatever you put inside won’t get a leak . Its one-handed click design makes it easy to open and close on the go.

 12 Oz Traveller Coffee Mugs

Its insulation keeps drinks cold or hot when used with lid, and even the cover is not leakproof. Additionally, it is BPA and phthalate-free. 

Bodum 15 Ounce Tea And Coffee Press

It’s silicone and mesh filter reduces sediment. Further, the mug features stainless steel, which keeps our coffee hot for a long time. It has a non-skid rubber base and a comfortable grip with a colored silicone band. It is even Dishwasher safe.

 Oxo 10 Ounce Double Wall Travel Mug

Three silicone seals ensure no leaks and are durable. The stainless steel construction is BPA free, and also the lid comes apart for easy cleaning. The double-wall construction keeps beverages hot or cold.

Perfect Seal Apex 18 Ounce Tumbler

It is excellent for hot and cold as it keeps ice longer and your drinks better for 24 hours or hot for 8 hours. Additionally, it maintains a perfect temperature inside the mug suitable for our drinks.

 16 Oz Stainless Steel Mug

16 oz travel coffee mug is made of stainless steel inside and outside. Its double wall system keeps liquids hot or cold. It has a closing lid, so you don’t spill your coffee. Further, it is suitable for kids, families, and indoors outdoors uses. It is durable and robust.

 16 Oz Coffee Mugs

16 oz white paper coffee cups hot or cold cups with reclosable black dome lids and sleeves. The reclosable black dome travel lids spell free covers. It is excellent for on the go or in the car.

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