Easy Coffee Liqueur Recipe to boost your taste buds

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Coffee liqueurs are also known as kahlua or Tiya Maria. Coffee liquids are very easy to make all you need to have to begin with this recipe is instant coffee, a base alcohol brand, vanilla Bean, water and sugar. Homemade coffee liqueurs are less expensive in comparison to store bought coffee liqueurs and they are very easy to make. When you make this recipe you find it very interesting. Two popular liqueur brands which are used for making this coffee liqueur are rum or vodka.If you use Vodka as your faceThen you have a sweeter test due to its molasses. Although it takes 10 days to fully give you the flavour but it does not take much time to get prepared. When you are done with preparing the liquor then you can just simply enjoy it with some ice or with your favourite cocktail drink.


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  • You need to take water for 2 cups.
  • You need to take three cups of sugar.
  • You need to take 2 to 3 inch of vanilla Bean.
  • You need to take a tablespoon of instant coffee.
  • You need to take one bottle for 750 ml of Rum.


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You need to first gather all the ingredients in one place. You need to combine the ingredients- water, sugar and vanilla beans in one saucepan over medium flame for making a syrup. You should keep studying until the water comes to a boil. Now you need to reduce the silver and remove the pan after 30 minutes when the syrup has been reduced to its half. Now you need to stir 8 tablespoons of instant coffee in the water and sugar syrup and allow it to cool down completely. Now you need to combine the flavoured syrup with rum or vodka in a sealable glass jar. Shake the mixture well and keep it for 10 days in the dark. After every one or two days give the bottle a good shake. You need to use a cheesecloth or fine strainer to remove any kind of remaining coffee granules or vanilla beans in the liquid after the 10 days. You should store this in a sealable glass jar.


Why varying the level of coffee sugar and Vanilla beans you can customise the flavour of the liquid according to your personal taste. You should always use quality instant coffee because that will affect your overall liqueur taste. Always use a wide mouth glass chart in comparison to a thin mouth glass jar. To check the progress of the liquor you need to taste it frequently. You can use this same rum or vodka bottle which you use for the coffee base.


There are other coffee liqueur recipes as well. Stay tuned for getting the latest updates about these kinds of recipes in one simple click.

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