Eva Solo Coffee Brewing Tutorial

People think for some time when I say that my favorite coffee brewing method is the Eva Solo. The Eva solo coffee brewing is also known as a Café Solo. It is a brand name for a company called Eva Denmark. Eva Coffee brewing is one of the simplest brewing devices in the market. It is also the most elegant coffee machine. Eva coffee brewing is that brews like an upside-down with a magnificent grounds filter. The only upside-down coffee brewing machine is the Eva coffee brewing. It is the coffee that goes down into the brewing chamber. The brewing coffee chamber looks like Chemex coffeemakers and filters. Chemex coffeemaker is not having the handle. It has a cover which is a neoprene. It also got a zip that like a sleeping bag.

Eva Solo Coffee Brewing:

Eva Solo Coffee Brewing Tutorial

Eva Solo Coffee Brewing Tutorial

Let Us Check Out The tutorial of Eva  Solo Coffee Brewing

Step-1: Rinsing Café Solo:

Initially, rinse the Eva Solo with some warm water and make sure it is clean inside. If the previous brew grounds still left in the machine, then it makes to minimize the temperature after starting the brew.

Step-2: Adding Coarse Coffee:

Grind some coffee grounds so it will be on the rough side. It is very similar to the French coffee press. If you like, you can get a little finer to your coffee grounds as you won’t be pressing the grounds to the bottom.

Now, add 1 tbsp of coffee for 8 tbsp. of water. Pour coffee grounds into the café solo.

Step-3: Adding Water:

Boil water and allow it to cool down for 30 seconds. Now, pour water into the café solo. Start the timer of the brewing machine.

Step-4: Stirring Coffee:

The café solo machine comes with a stirrer made of plastic. Gently stir the coffee grounds after one minute of brewing.

Step-5: Securing The Coffee Brewing Filter:

Keep the coffee filter and the lid securely on the café solo.

Step-6: Serving:

You can see the coffee has finished the brewing within four minutes. Divide into cups and serve.

Eva Solo Coffee Brewing Tutorial

Eva Solo Coffee Brewing Tutorial

Eva Coffee Brewing:

When serving, make sure you place a finger for support to hold the stainless steel filter and lid back. The stainless steel filter should be secured while serving the coffee.

The neoprene cover that is in the Eva coffee brewing machine can keep your brewed coffee for almost 30- 35 minutes. The brewing will continue to happen if the coffee and the water touch. The coffee brewing procedure will complete once the café solo is empty.

Neoprene cover always protects the coffee brewing glass. The cover has an essential thing to protect the glass. Even the cover contains a zip inside. Café Solo is one of the most expensive brewing coffeemakers in the market. You can find under $100 in an online shopping website named Amazon. Maybe the café solo is less famous than the French press coffee, but it makes a perfect coffee for the coffee lovers. Eva solo coffee brewing gives the rich flavor of a French press with a cleaner tasting.

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