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It’s no secret that espresso is very popular around the world. This favorite coffee drink has made its rounds from country to country due to its tons of fantastic qualities. By capturing the most delicate of the 800 aromatic compounds found in roasted coffee and using the finest ground particles, these drinks are well known for being rich in flavor.

Moreover, espresso is well known for remaining consistent. This can be achieved by using proper espresso machine equipment called a dosing ring. By providing consistent dosing, even distribution, and leveling of the grinds, you can keep each espresso as mouth-watering as the last.

In this article, we’re going to introduce a stainless steel intelligent dosing ring that is simple, durable, and presentable.

Stainless Steel Intelligent Dosing Ring Brewing Bowl Coffee Powder For Espresso Barista Funnel Portafilter

The stainless steel intelligent dosing ring is a clever invention in order to help baristas when dosing coffee into the basket. Instead of using their fingers, the baristas can now use these intelligent dosing ring to scrape off excess grinds that help to achieve better craftsmanship.

The dosing ring is designed such that it sits on your portafilter basket edge and acts as a funnel. It stops the coffee powder from falling over the edge of the portafilter. So, even if the basket is being overfilled every time, you can give the correct dosage and reduce waste that can occur through spillage by scraping off the excess grind. Since it is manufactured of stainless steel, it gives longer durability.

Moreover, the dosing ring is quite simple to use and it takes only a couple of days for the barista to get used to it. Buy your Stainless Steel Intelligent Dosing Ring Brewing Bowl Coffee Powder today.


  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Color: silver
  • Use scenarios: kitchen, outdoor, restaurant, bar, etc.
  • Applicable people: adult
  • Item Weight: 600 Grams
  • Applicable people: adult
  • Expectations: A slight size error.
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Here are some interesting advantages of using the product.

  • It is easy to use
  • It increases the speed of service 
  • More effective and accurate dosing in the filter basket thereby improving the consistency in the cup
  • Made from stainless steel so it is easy to clean and store
  • Reduces the waste of residual coffee powder by which sustainability and costs are kept low
  • Can work with multiple portafilters easily at the same time
  • Provides better hygiene
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Find out if you should purchase the product after reading these cons.

  • Care should be taken while positioning to prevent it from becoming dislodged
  • The weight may be more so if mishandled, it could damage nearby objects


Whether you make espresso at home or in a café, dosing can give you a headache. So, the dosing ring is designed to help with that by improving consistency when dosing up the basket. Also, it helps in reducing coffee wastage and mess so that the money you would normally lose due to that coffee wastage can be saved instead.

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