French Press Coffee Maker – Learn More About Making Stronger Coffee

french press coffee maker

Coffee has become one of the most prominent beverages all over the world. Coffee is a healthy approach, too, because of the antioxidants and beneficial nutrients present in it. Earlier, only baristas were capable of making a brewed coffee. Still, with the newest inventions and with the coming of the new coffee machine, everyone has mastered this art of making coffee, whether it is an espresso or cappuccino. If we look around, we will get plenty of good options for a coffee machine, from an espresso machine to the drip machine, but the best option available can be the French Press Coffee Maker.

French Press Coffee Maker

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The French Press Coffee Maker is generally used in areas outside the United States, primarily in Great Britain and Italy. In 1929 French Press Coffee Maker was first patented by an Italian. It later went through some changes in its design, and then it flew all over Europe and later to America. The coffee prepared through French Press Coffee Maker is appreciated by many people. Starbucks’ CEO also made a statement in 2012 saying that they can make the best coffee cup at home with the French Press Coffee Maker.


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One should start to make coffee by using coarse-ground coffee beans instead of using a blade grinder because they don’t grind evenly, and they make beans warmer, which takes away the flavor of coffee that one wants in their cup. Add the ground beans into the French press carafe along with hot water, and then let it be there for 3 to 5 minutes. After the wait of 5 minutes, you can pour yourself freshly prepared coffee.

Tips To Prepare Coffee In French Press Coffee Maker

It would help if you used a course grinder instead of a blade grinder. Evaluate the weight of your water and coffee because various coffees have the different densities. For example, African coffee is thicker than South American Coffee. So because of the difference in densities, the weight measurement for coffee and water will be different. To make sure that your coffee doesn’t taste sour, wet the grinds to remove carbon dioxide present in it. Stir the coffee after a minute or two because the granules may settle at the bottom. One should at least give four minutes to the machine to get the best coffee out of it.

Benefits of Using French Press Coffee Maker

One of the advantages that French Press Coffee Maker offers is that it retains the natural oil present in the coffee ground as it doesn’t use a filter like a drip type machine does, which makes the coffee made from French Press Coffee Maker tastes better. French Press Coffee Maker also allows its user to make their coffee cup according to their taste by setting the favorable temperature and the type and size of the ground. It maintains the coffee’s aroma and allows its drinkers to drink coffee from all five senses. Another noticeable benefit of the French Press Coffee Maker is that it is portable. The beaker in which grounds are placed doesn’t need any electrical connection, and the machine can be placed in a small bag.


Thus, French Press Coffee Maker is the best option for making coffee as it is affordable and portable and makes sure to brew the best coffee, which its drinker can cherish for life without much hard work and resources.

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