French Pressed Coffee Recipe For The Hectic Day You Face

French Pressed Coffee Recipe

Almost everyone who loves coffee would love to know the French Pressed Coffee Recipe. It may sound like it’s hard to make, but once someone starts the process, they find it much easier than they thought it to be. Soaking the coffee grounds in warm water while brewing helps in adding great taste to the coffee. Doing so makes the coffee richer, smoother, and more flavourful than the other methods used for making it. Since no paper filters are used to make this coffee, the oil and flavor do not go away. This content is about French Pressed Coffee Recipe that is somewhat easy to make and has a heavenly taste.

French Pressed Coffee Recipe Start with Water

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The first step in French Pressed Coffee Recipe is to start with some warm water and fresh coffee beans. Coffee contains almost 98 percent water, and so it is important that the water used to make it should taste good. It is not necessary and a wise decision to spend huge amounts of money on buying fancy water. If someone wants to use tap water, they can, but they should taste it first. If the taste is good, they can use tap water instead of spending lots of money buying water. Also, if the tap water does not taste good, they can purchase filtered or bottled water.

Fresh Coffee Beans

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The French Pressed Coffee Recipe’s coffee beans must be fresh to contain oil and flavor and smell fresh and aromatic. The beans that are exposed to air for a long time lose their smell. Flavored seal containers can be used to keep the coffee beans fresh for a long time. Bulk coffee beans can also be purchased to make this coffee. However, before purchasing it, one should know when those beans were roasted. If they were roasted more than a month before, it’s no use buying them.

French Pressed Coffee Recipe – Make And Serve

According to the French Pressed Coffee Recipe, before brewing, the beans should be ground. The ground coffee should look like breadcrumbs. The Coffee-to-water ratio depends on how strong of a coffee one wants to drink. While boiling the water, the temperature should be kept around 200°F. After the water has boiled, it should be left for 30 seconds. Coffee grounds are then put into French Press, and one-third water is added to it. After 30 seconds, it should be stirred gently. For the best taste, one should let the coffee brew for 4 minutes. After 4 minutes are over, the plunger is pressed firmly down. This is then served.


French Pressed Coffee Recipe is easy to make and tastes so good that people would want to try it at least once in their life. Even when you have a last-minute need for a coffee, you can prepare it within a few minutes, and take a sip while you are on the way. It is okay to expect delicious coffee in the morning to keep your mood pumped so that you can efficiently work without any complaints all day.

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