Hario Coffee Grinder Review – The Best Way to Enjoy Quality Coffee Every Day

hario coffee grinder

The Hario coffee grinders are considered as some of the most professional grinders in the market. The Hario Skerton clearly represents one of the most affordable ways to make uniform and fresh grinds for whatever brewing method under the sun nowadays. Despite the apparently ancient engineering, this Hario coffee grinder is still very easy to operate and even easier to maintain. It has a three year guarantee which is more than enough proof that it will not quit working for you for a long time to come. Here are the reasons why the grinders from this brand are considered as one of the best.

An Overview

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For anyone who loves to grind beans to get perfect tasters and blends, nothing beats using a Hario coffee grinder. This device will not only help you grind your beans to perfection, but it will also maintain the perfect color and consistency of every bean. You need to look no further for a coffee grinder. The device uses a ceramic coffee pot which guarantees an even brewing and grinding every single time. If you are one of those discerning people who only wants to brew for two or three cups at once, then the Hario T-Discs will be the right appliance for you.

Unlike many brands of grinders in the market, the hario coffee grinder from Belmondo comes with an amazing feature: a real aeropress coffee maker. Yes, the same Aeropress coffee maker that is used by many top hotels and restaurants worldwide. You can use this appliance to grind, brew and make cappuccinos right in your own home without any hassle. This remarkable feature makes this model a must-have for all coffee aficionados and gourmet coffee drinkers.

The Structure

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The grinder has three separate compartments in order for you to get all the needed ground beans at once. It features a spacious stainless steel grinder, a medium sized bean hopper and a coffee cup with spacious spout for easy coffee drinking. The entire design of this amazing machine allows you to grind two cups of fresh coffee per day using nothing more than this single appliance. You can store it on your kitchen counter or use it as an appliance in your office or home use. Just stack it up when not in use and you’ll never run out of coffee for the whole day.

In addition, the Hario grinders come with a very useful function in that you can use the hopper for storing your ground beans. Simply attach the sturdy lid to this storage container and you can keep your beans in this container for grinding anytime you want. This allows you to grind smaller quantities of beans for use in making a different flavor of drink for your morning tea or cappuccino. This amazing grinding unit even lets you use both hand and electric grinders in its convenience.

Awesome Grinding Feature

There is another really great feature of the Hario grinders which is the fact that you can easily grind small amounts of coffee without having to worry about any spillage. The top of this device features a fully adjustable, one-touch button crank arm for turning on and off the grinding feature. This crank arm is fully visible even when the device is completely closed, making it easier for you to operate the Hario with your foot while standing. Once you are done turning on the grinding unit, simply push the button and you can immediately enjoy the freshness of your brews. This is especially convenient for people who are always in a rush and would like to have freshly ground coffee right at their fingertips whenever they sit down to do work.

Versatile Function

If you are looking for a truly innovative hands-free coffee brewer with versatile functions and remarkable designs, then the new Hario models from Japan are the best choices. Thanks to the patented K Cup grinding system, you will be able to enjoy a consistent grind every single time you brew a cup. The patented K Cup system allows you to adjust the size of the hole in the center of the K Cup, so that you can determine how much coarse or fine ground coffee you would like to brew. Another important feature of this amazing hand held grinder is the fact that you can adjust the number of blades for variable extraction style cups. With a K Cup grinder, there is no need for messy manual cups because everything is already set to the precise grind setting that you want, every single time.


For this reason, the Hario Coffee Grinder really is the perfect coffee maker for people who like to enjoy fresh and strong coffee with great taste. The best thing about this device is that the price is affordable even for a first time buyer, which means you can buy your own grinder now and experience the amazing taste of the finest printers in the market today. If you want to shop for a new hand held grinder, then all you have to do is find an online store that sells coffee accessories and choose from the wide selections. With the Internet, it’s really easy to browse through all the available options and choose the model that you think will work best for your taste and budget. After you’ve made your choice, you can order the grinder and enjoy your cup of coffee made with the most advanced automatic cup grinding system available.

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