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If you enjoy drinking coffee but don’t like the heavy, dense brew it usually takes, an Italian coffee maker may be for you. An espresso maker produces a sweeter and richer coffee than the average drip-brewed coffee pot. But it’s still lighter and less heavy than that of an automatic espresso maker.

Stovetop espresso machines are streamlined and small and often do not take up much counter or cabinet space. You simply place your mug in the pot, turn on the power, and let the water brew. Some models have whistles to alert you when it’s ready. This allows you to quickly get your espresso on. If you would rather have hot water available all day long, many of these stoves have a warming rack or warming plate for that.

Italian Coffee Maker

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The most common type of stovetop coffee machine is the boiler-based variety. These use steam from a heating element under pressure to create hot water. The disadvantage to this type is that it is inefficient and can take several hours to heat water for a full pot. And the constant boiling may damage plastic pots. Steam boilers are more energy-efficient and can take less time to heat up.

Another choice of an Italian coffee maker is the espresso basket. This basket is filled with warm water, and once the water has boiled, it is ready to make espresso. As the water pours over the heating element, it creates steam, which drives the steam through the grounds, giving you the gourmet espresso you want.

Moka Espresso Coffee Maker

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A Moka espresso coffee maker is also a popular choice among home baristas. The Moka pot is similar to the boiler style. However, it uses hot water and a ground coffee bundle instead of steam. With the bundle, it is easier to grind your own espresso beans, and you can choose the strength of your cup of coffee.

There is a new kind of Italian coffee maker on the market – the stovetop espresso maker. It looks like a traditional smoke pot, and it certainly makes the same kinds of coffee. It uses the same method of steaming water over coffee grounds, but the difference is that it heats the cup itself, so it heats up much faster than a Moka pot. The advantage to this is that it uses a smaller amount of water, so you can use less ground coffee, making it healthier for you.

Another Italian coffee maker that is gaining in popularity is the stainless steel Moka pot. Like the stovetop espresso makers, it also uses hot water over finely ground coffee in the same pot, but it does not use a steam vessel. In other words, it just uses a plain old pot to brew the coffee. Because it uses stainless steel, it is easy to clean, which means it will last you a very long time.

A Much Ado

Cuisinart coffee makers also make wonderful machines. The company makes a number of different models, all different sizes. Some are made to be used in the car, while others are small enough to fit on your desk. They all make excellent espressos with varying degrees of acidity. My favorite Cuisinart unit is the mid-size one that can fit in your kitchen. It makes a great breakfast espresso, or as I like to drink after dinner, an iced tea.

A stovetop espresso maker is also available if you prefer the hot liquid directly from the stove. They usually do a great job and are not very expensive. One model, made by Zojirushi, has a built-in filter basket, which keeps your grounds from falling out. It also has a feature that allows you to remove the filter basket or place any length of filters inside the basket. This will produce an espresso shot with much more aroma than if you leave it plugged in the bottom. This is a useful feature for me because I usually don’t want the Zojirushi espresso maker to spill over into its basket unless it’s pouring a whole pot worth of liquid.

The Zojirushi high-quality electric espresso machine comes with thermal insulation that keeps the cup warm while brewing. This is very important, especially if you’re going to be making a shot that could have foam. The machine has a programmable feature that allows you to measure the amount of coffee that you want in each cup. Some models have an auto shut off feature that allows you to enjoy your cup without heating up the rest of the carafe. It’s nice to know that the maker has a safety shutoff feature, especially if you often make several cups at once. The thermal insulation also prevents the thermal carafe from breaking or becoming damaged.

Bottom Line

Zojirushi makes all of the most popular Italian espresso machines. If you would like to review their entire line of products, check out their website. It holds many pictures of their models and the espresso machines that they make. They have been making high-quality Italian coffee makers for many years, and you can trust their products.

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