How To Grow A Wild Coffee Plant From Seed

How to Grow a Wild Coffee Plant From Seed

Everybody loves coffee and unless you live in a place where there is no coffee. You have probably heard it mentioned a lot. A person can live with a cup of coffee, sometimes twice a day, depending on his or her lifestyle. This type of caffeine is everywhere from home to office to banks. Let’s discuss how to grow a wild coffee plant from seed.

Coffee Grown In China Is Most Expensive: Wild Coffee Plant From Seed

Coffee grown in China is known to be the best and most expensive coffee. For some reason, the taste and aroma of this type of coffee are different from other types of coffee. It is reported that it also tastes bitter.

How To Grow A Wild Coffee Plant From Seed
How To Grow A Wild Coffee Plant From Seed

In China, the price for coffee is determined by the weight of coffee beans that are used and the quality of the product. Coffee grown in China may not taste as good as the best Arabica coffee, but it is cheaper and better for those who need a cup of coffee in the morning.

Wild Coffee Plant From Seed Is A Bit Difficult To Find

Wild coffee plants from seed or in the ground can be a little challenging to find. It is best to search online, as there are many types of wild coffee plants available. These beans are known to be better tasting than the commercially grown coffee.

Full Potential Of Coffee Bean: Wild Coffee Plant From Seed

In case you can grow wild coffee plants, you will have the opportunity to take advantage of the full potential of the coffee bean. Of course, the downside is that you will have to contend with various insects and fungus that attack wild coffee plants.

How To Grow A Wild Coffee Plant From Seed
How To Grow A Wild Coffee Plant From Seed

Methods Of Not Losing Crops While Growing Coffee

Fortunately, some methods are available to you that can help you minimize the risk of losing your crops during the entire process of growing the coffee. The advantage is that you can choose the conditions that you prefer and protect your coffee plants from harmful insects.

Grow Plants In Containers

Another way to protect your coffee plants is to plant them in containers. This will make them a little safer from the insects. You can even use these containers as greenhouses, if necessary.

Allow Them No Sun

Another method that can be used to protect your coffee plants is to allow them to be in the shade or no sun at all. With the area around the coffee plant not being in sunlight, the bugs cannot thrive.

To protect your wild coffee plant from the heat, you can place them inside a greenhouse. Be sure that it is placed in a position that has a well-ventilated area. This will allow air circulation to reach the plants.

There is one drawback to growing the coffee plants in containers that they do not have any protection from the elements. Once the temperatures start to get low, they are exposed to rain and the sun, which are their enemies.


In conclusion, the best thing to do is to let your plants grow naturally and at its full potential. Although it can be a bit difficult, the reward of using the coffee plant is definitely worth the effort.

In the end, you can reap the benefits of saving money on the expensive green beans, saving on the maintenance of the plants, and finally reap the benefits of having delicious and rich coffee beans. It can only get better when you see the wonderful aroma that the coffee has when you take the first sip.

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