How To Make A Simple Spanish Coffee Recipe

spanish coffee recipe

A Spanish coffee recipe is just a warm coffee cup with some cinnamon. It does not have milk or sugar. The cinnamon gives the coffee its distinctive flavor, and a cinnamon flavored drink is always welcome. When looking for an excellent recipe for this beverage, you should consider the following:

Most people use instant coffee. This is fine as long as the brand you buy is of good quality. If you are going to brew your own, you will want to look for a Spanish coffee recipe that uses either fresh or semi-frozen ground cinnamon. Look also for the amount of sugar. As with all recipes, moderation is key.

Start With Gathering The Ingredients

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Once you have all of your ingredients and you are ready to begin, place the sugar and cinnamon in a saucepan and bring to a gentle boil. Once the sugar/cinnamon mixture has dissolved completely, add the water and stir until the sugar has completely dissolved. Once you have the sugar and cinnamon mixture in the pan, add the coffee and stir again until the coffee has dissolved. Once the coffee has done brewing, remove it from heat and add the cream and vanilla.

Authentic Carajillo Coffee Cocktail Is Needed


For your Spanish coffee recipe to work properly, you will need to make an authentic carajillo coffee cocktail. To do this, you will need a shot glass and a blender. The blender can be a food processor or a small blender. If you are using a blender, you will also want to use a mastic or dough attachment to cut extra cream into the coffee.

To make the carajillo coffee recipe more authentic, you need to add more of the cream and vanilla into the mix. This will give it a sweeter taste and add some complexity to the drink. To complete the drink, simply top with whipped cream and a little rum.

Suppose you would like to make a Spanish coffee recipe that involves a flavored cinnamon syrup. In that case, you will need approximately two tablespoons of cinnamon powder and about two tablespoons of sugar. Mix the cinnamon powder and the sugar until they become a smooth paste. Add the syrup to the mix and stir until thoroughly blended. Once blended, you will want to add milk and turn the mixture into a paste. Next, you will want to top with the whipped cream and any additional sugar you desire.

The Last But Not The Least Step Of This Wonderful Recipe

The final step in this delicious drink is to pour the cooled mixture into a serving glass carefully. You will need to do this over a low-medium heat so that the milk doesn’t scorch. You must remember to pour the hot coffee over ice because if it were hot to drink, it would be too difficult to make the mixture taste right. The temperature that the glass is served at should be just hot enough to bring out the best flavor. The rule of thumb is to pour the glass just a touch hot but not hot enough to burn your tongue.

Final Words

The final step in this delightful cocktail is to serve it over ice. While it is traditionally served over steamed coffee, you can choose another approach to this particular variation. By simply refrigerating the espresso in a separate container, you can create an exciting alternative to the traditional approach. When preparing this drink, you must remember to keep your Espresso or Cappuccino cold while serving it. If you leave the Espresso or Cappuccino too hot, the sugar in the cream will boil and curdle instead of melting and giving you a lovely, bubbly Spanish coffee cocktail.

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