How To Make A Tree Stump Coffee Table

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Coffee tables are necessary furniture items in a home. People generally serve dishes as well as beverages on it. Nowadays they are available in a lot of new and unique designs. A tree stump coffee table is a very unique idea. It gives people natural vibes moreover it allows people to relax and enjoy their drinks as if they are out in the open. Such tables are also very ideal for decorating homes, offices and many more such places. Tree Stump tables are very practical as well as easy to make. They can be made practically out of nothing.

How To Make A Tree Stump Coffee Table
How To Make A Tree Stump Coffee Table

Steps To Make A Tree Stump Coffee Table

It is a pretty easy process whereas there are still some steps people must follow accordingly.

Step 1

The first and foremost step is to go and get a tree stump. People can buy it as well as cut it themselves.

Step 2

After step 1 it is very important to ensure that the tree stump is completely dry. It should be left in a dark place for weeks moreover people can also place heaters near it to make it dry quickly.

Step 3

People must use a palm sander to smoothen the stump. It is completely up to the owner how much polishing he or she wants.

Step 4

The next step is to paint it. Paint gives the stump a very shiny look but sometimes it also looks better without the paint as well.


They are very heavy as a result people should have something to help them carry the stump.

Now the table is complete.

Things To Remember While Making A Tree Stump Table

There are a few things which should be kept in mind while making a tree table. These are as follows:-

• Think about the space you have. Stumps take a lot of places if they are bigger consequently stump size should be according to the space available.

• Instead of one larger stump table, people can go for two or three smaller stump tables.

• If working with more than one stump it is important to have rest of the stumps of different shapes as well as sizes. This allows the person to be more creative and innovative.

• More than one stumps should have the same height so that they have some consistency.

• The stumps must have some sort of moving device such as legs or wheels. They are very heavy so consequently, it is important that they have some moving device.

• When people paint the stump it takes a lot of time for them to completely dry out. They must be left for weeks so that they can dry.

• Smoothening of rough edges is very essential. They can have wood scrapings on them which can harm people.

• The table decorations are also very important as a result it makes the stump stand out. Decorations should be done carefully after the stump is dry.

Tree Stump Table: Conclusion

How To Make A Tree Stump Coffee Table
How To Make A Tree Stump Coffee Table

Tree stump tables are really cool furniture. People absolutely love them moreover they are also pretty functional as well.

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