How To Make Crystal Boba Tea

crystal boba

This recipe is by far the best way to make boba tea. I’ve tried a lot of different recipes and this one has been the tastiest. It’s not too sweet, but it still tastes like dessert. The secret ingredient is blackberry syrup which you can find at any grocery store near the pancake mix and other breakfast items. If you want to go all out, add whipped cream on top! Enjoy!

Crystal Boba Tea is not just a tasty beverage, but it can be a work of art. The key to making great Crystal Boba Tea is using the right ingredients and following these simple steps:

Start by boiling water in a pot on the stove.

Add the black boba pearls and let them cook for about 5-7 minutes or until they are soft.

In a separate container, mix together the sugar, vanilla extract (if used), and milk.

Drain the cooked black boba pearls and add them to the milk mixture.

Stir until everything is mixed together and then pour it into a glass.

Add ice cubes and enjoy!

If you want to make your Crystal Boba Tea even more special, you can add some delicious toppings like whipped cream, chocolate syrup, or fruit. No matter how you choose to enjoy it, this recipe is sure to be a hit! Thanks for reading.

Another simple recipe

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How many of you have gone to a tea shop and ordered Boba Tea? Have you ever wondered how it’s made? Well enough wondering…here are the basics on how to make your own crystal boba!

The first thing, if you don’t already know, is that boba is made from tapioca pearls. Tapioca is, in itself, not very tasty so they come with added flavoring. The taste depends on which kind of boba tea you buy. Some are flavored with fruits like peach or mango or strawberry or even lemonade syrups. Others are unflavored just being sweetened with sugar syrup.

Now that we have determined what type of boba base we will be making let’s go about getting our ingredients and utensils list.

What you will need

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3/4 cup of small tapioca pearls (or as we like to call them, boba). These can be found at an Asian supermarket or ordered online from various websites. You can also use chacha(sugar syrup) if you desire sweetened boba that is already flavored.

4 cups of water

1 gallon-size pitcher for storage


Now all you have to do is put the boba in a bowl with cold water and let them soak for about an hour. After an hour, wash them thoroughly so no dirt is left on them and place them in a pot with 4 cups of water to bring to a boil then reduce heat and simmer for 25 minutes.

After 25 minutes remove from heat and allow to cool. Place in the fridge for a few hours or overnight once they are completely cooled down.

Now that they’re all nice and cooled you can start on your syrup base by adding 1 cup of sugar and one cup of water stirring constantly over low-medium heat until the sugar is dissolved. Once the sugar has been dissolved add three more cups of water and let boil for about 15 minutes until the liquid thickens slightly. Now there you have it, simple syrup! You can double or triple this recipe if you want plenty of space in your pitcher for boba later…which brings me to my next point:

I recommend 2 liters per serving… so you wanted 10 servings just multiplied your amount of syrup by 2 and so on.

Now add your desired amount of syrup to a pitcher and add cold water until you reach one gallon total… This is the key ingredient, ice! Now add the boba too and let steep for an hour or two before serving. If you want to serve them sooner just add more ice! I hope this helped all you boba tea lovers out there enjoy your boba a little more with a fun science experiment.


The process of making Crystal Boba Tea is not hard, but it does require a few ingredients and some patience. The recipe calls for sugar syrup, condensed milk, tapioca pearls (or boba), matcha powder or green tea leaves, ice cubes and water to be boiled. You can also add any other flavors you want such as vanilla extract, almond extract, or coconut essence.

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