How To Make Whipped Coffee At Home

Do you wish to make your evening more memorable with something different? Then what do you say about a cup of delicious whipped coffee? A cup of whipped coffee is enough in itself to make a massive difference in your mood. Whipped coffee is prevalent and also known as Dalgona Coffee. It is famous worldwide; in Greece, it is known as Frappe Coffee, Indians call it Beaten coffee, and the trending name is whipped coffee. Furthermore, if you also want to try this fantastic coffee, look at this article to know how to make whipped coffee at home.

Method Of Preparing – How To Make Whipped Coffee

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If you want to make whipped coffee, you will need just three ingredients- instant coffee, granulated sugar, and milk or water. First, take 1, 2, or 3 tablespoons of sugar, instant coffee, and water. The equal parts of one tablespoon are ideal for one serving. Take the three ingredients in equal quantities and whisk them together; it will become like a concentration of instant coffee.

After some minutes of whisking, you will see that the texture will become a lighter thicker consistency from liquidy-looking dark coffee. But don’t stop whisking at that point because you will notice that it will become even lighter in color to create a frothy, creamy whipped coffee. When you have formed peaks on the whisk, it means you have done your work. It will approximately look like peanut butter, then spoon the mixture over milk or water of your choice, either hot or iced. Now, your coffee is ready to serve; enjoy it well.

Tips For Making Whipped Coffee

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Use hot water for the appropriate results: It is not compulsory to use hot water; it will still whip up with cold or normal water. But, it is found that hot water works faster in comparison to cold water.

Use an electric mixer to make it quicker: If you whisk the coffee yourself, your hands, you may become tired after a few minutes of whisking. So it is better to use a milk frother or stand mixer, as they are much faster and work very well.

Stir the ingredients in a bowl, not in a jar or mug: This is because, through the mixture interacting with the air, the Dalgona coffee gets fluffy and whipped. Such a tall container like a jar or mug would not allow enough air to circulate, so it is better to use a small bowl.

How To Serve

It is fun to serve the whipped coffee recipe on top of the drink but mix it around to incorporate the flavor to enjoy it fully. The whipped coffee can be the ultimate treat with iced milk. You can also serve it with various desserts, but make sure to mix it enough to get peaks if you add it to desserts.

Bottom Line

Moreover, the whipped coffee is likely a fun drink to make at home, and it is aesthetically gratifying in look. The recipe for whipped coffee is so simple, so you don’t have to worry about how to make whipped coffee at home.

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