Iced Coffee Recipe Variations

A glass of orange juice next to a cup of coffee

Especially after exercise or a heavy meal, iced coffee is ideal. It has also been a part of my regular coffee routine for quite some time now. Here are the basic steps to make that perfect cup of iced coffee.

Before you get started, make sure that you have all the ingredients and equipment ready. Most of these coffee making basics are very easily available at your local grocery store or supermarket. Also, having access to ice can really help speed up the process. There are two methods for iced coffee, electric or brewed coffee. Iced coffee recipe that calls for either coffee or ice is very simple; just take freshly brewed coffee and put it in a pot with a built-in ice machine.

The Built-In Coffee Maker

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You can choose which method you prefer to make your iced coffee recipe, but most people prefer the built-in coffee maker. The only drawback to using this method is that it takes a long time to make one glass of dark roast coffee. If you want to make several cups, then it might be worth spending the extra money for a brewer that makes several cups at once. I highly suggest a good quality coffee maker made by some of the top companies such as Black and Decker, Cuisinart, and Bosch.

The second step to making an iced coffee recipe is to find a good mocha recipe. Iced coffee is usually better with a rich cocoa flavor, so try to find a recipe that uses high-quality cocoa beans. A good iced mocha recipe will use a combination of sugar, milk, and cocoa. If the ingredients mentioned in the recipe don’t agree, then look for other alternatives.

Use Heavy Cream Or Milk

A cup of coffee on a table

Another alternative to iced coffee is to use heavy cream or milk. If you are going to use heavy cream or milk, then make sure the recipe you use does not call for heavy cream or milk. Most coffee recipes don’t specify which ingredients should be used with the coffee or chocolate syrup, so be careful not to substitute something that is already in the recipe for the chocolate syrup. The good news is that the heavier ingredients will produce a thicker syrup and will also thicken the brewed coffee a little.

Iced coffee or cappuccino are very easy to make with the right recipes. Just remember that espresso needs to be prepared a little longer than regular coffee because the espresso brewing time needs to equal the time for brewing the simple syrup. Simply pour the espresso over the simple syrup and stir until it dissolves completely. Then simply pour the mixture into cups and serve. You can use your espresso maker to brew these types of beverages instead of a traditional stove top brew.

No Need To Worry About Dairy Or Egg Products

The best part about iced coffee and cappuccino is that there is no need to worry about dairy or egg products when making the beverages. These drinks are purely based on hot water and either sugar or chocolate syrup. All you have to add are regular coffee or tea and ice. 

Then just add milk and you have a great iced coffee or cappuccino. You can even make the ice cubes more interesting by adding lemon peels, blueberries or other fruit slices.

Final Words

If you are looking for a unique way to get the freshest iced coffee you can always try a cold brew coffee recipe. Many grocery stores carry cold brew coffee makers that you can purchase and then you can make your own iced coffee that is delicious! The only difference is that the coffee will be colder when made this way and it might take some time depending on the strength you desire. Make sure to add sugar to the cold brew coffee to make it more delicious.

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