La Chumeca: A Coffee Cocktail Recipe

La Chumeca: A Speciality Coffee Cocktail Recipe

La chumeca: A Coffee Cocktail Recipe is one of the most famous cocktails in the world. Although, named after its main ingredient that is coffee which is produced in Costa Rica. Thus, this coffee has that intense fruity and a bit of spicy flavor with a velvety texture. Furthermore, the La chumeca coffee cocktail recipe is a cocktail with a blend of wine and honey in it.

La chumeca is also the version of another world-famous cocktail. Therefore, Isaac Montero was the founder of this cocktail, the national champion of Costa Rica. Furthermore, this recipe was showcased by Isaac Montero at the World Class that an event where bartenders from different parts of the world participate.

La Chumeca: A Speciality Coffee Cocktail Recipe
La Chumeca: A Coffee Cocktail Recipe

Ingredients Used For Making La Chumeca Cocktail

  1. Firstly we need about 25 ml of half roasted La Chumeca prepared in an aero press machine.
  2. Thus, now we require 50 ml of premium scotch whiskey like Johnnie walker black label whiskey, Chivas, glenddifich, etc.
  3. Furthermore, we need 25 ml of double black label or any other strong single malt whiskey to have a strong taste.
  4. Fourthly, we require two tablespoons of carao honey. We can also take any other honey if Carao honey is not available. Thus, this will add a sweet flavor to the cocktail.
  5. Hence, now 25 ml of red wine, preferably jaboticaba wine, is required to add a fruity flavor.
  6. Last but not the least we require three dashes of banana bitter about giving more fruity taste to the cocktail.
La Chumeca: A Speciality Coffee Cocktail Recipe
La Chumeca: A Coffee Cocktail Recipe

Method Of Making the Cocktail

  • The first step is to brew the coffee in the aero press or French press. Therefore, we have to brew 20 grams of coffee in 40 ml of water to get a perfect taste.
  • Therefore, we have to stir the coffee gently and have to make sure if all the grounds are wet. Thus, now we should let the coffee infuse in water for 2 to 3 minutes. Also, we need to check whether the coffee is correctly concentrated or not.
  • Thus, after preparing the coffee, we need to wait until the coffee gets cool.
  • Hence, now we need a mixing glass and add coffee in it.
  • Also, we need to add some ice after coffee.
  • Therefore, after that, we need to add all other ingredients in that mixing glass only.
  • We have to mix all the liquids properly in the mixing glass. We need to mix until the fluids are well combined.
  • Hence, now we need to strain our cocktail with a double strainer and serve it in a coupette glass.

         Professional Tips

  • One may add a unique garnish such as a coffee bean or powdered sugar sides of the glass. Thus it will make the cocktail look more attractive.
  • You can use processed Ethiopian coffee beans if La Chumeca is not available.
  • The best dish that goes with the cocktail is creamy pesto pasta or bruschetta.
  • This cocktail is something unique for the people who love coffee and drinking. Hence, it is a unique concept that people are liking.
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