Make Your Own Smoothie Coffee Recipe

Smoothie Coffee Recipe

If you are one of the lucky people who live in the country or have a farm where there is a coffee garden, then you know that making your smoothie coffee is an easy way to prepare this wonderful drink. This coffee beverage is usually prepared for breakfast or a snack or it can even be served in place of coffee on a cold day. There are so many different kinds of smoothies and you can get some great ideas from a smoothie coffee recipe book that you can buy at your local book store.


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When I think about smoothies, I think about fruit and vegetables. Some people like a smoothie with fruit juice, others like a smoothie with a combination of fruits and vegetables, but if you enjoy drinking green drinks, then you will love a smoothie made with green vegetables. Just try to get as much variety in your smoothie as possible. That way, you will be able to find a good smoothie that fits your preferences.

Most people make smoothies with yogurt, milk, or a mix of both. If you do not like these kinds of ingredients, then you can easily substitute the yogurt with skimmed milk.

To make your smoothie, all you need to do is add water, a handful of frozen fruit, and your favorite flavorings, and mix them well. Just be careful not to use too much of the flavors and fruits.

The Process

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When you are making your smoothie, you must blend the fruits in with the other ingredients. This way, your smoothie will have the right texture for when you serve it.

The first time you try a smoothie, taste it for yourself and see if it is something you like. You should always take a sample of each kind of smoothie to your favorite coffee shop. You can also try the samples in your kitchen.

Once you have tried your smoothie and liked it, then you can go to your local coffee shop and buy a cup of smoothie for your breakfast or snack. You will enjoy a great tasting smoothie, not only because it has all the good things in it, but also because you can make the smoothie according to your tastes.

Try to find a smoothie coffee recipe book that has plenty of ideas and examples. so that you can experiment with different things and find out what your favorite smoothie tastes like.

When you drink your smoothie, it is important to give your taste buds a treat, so try to find out what you like most about the drink. This way, when you are enjoying your smoothie you will enjoy the drink as much as the smoothie.

Final Tip

To learn more about this particular smoothie recipe, you can start by checking out the Smoothie Coffee Recipe Books by Jillian Michaels. This is a great book to help you learn a few tips and tricks on how to make a wonderful smoothie. This is a quick book that can help you create a new coffee recipe every day or two.

The book will provide you with a complete list of ingredients and how to make the smoothie coffee recipe. It will also tell you how to prepare your homemade smoothie for a variety of occasions including breakfast, snacks, and even desserts.


With the hundreds of recipes that you can learn from, you will never get bored. You can use these recipes for so many different occasions.

As you begin to drink your smoothie, you will notice that it makes you feel full. and energized.

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