Manual Coffee Grinder – Tips to Choose The Best One

Manual Coffee Grinder

One of the best things to get started for the day is to have a cup of good coffee. Coffee can be prepared in many ways depending on the comfort and liking of a person. However, there is nothing that can beat a freshly brewed coffee that has the most adorable taste. Brewing coffee at home is not something that many people can do. Purchasing an espresso machine or an electronic grinder can often burn your pocket. This is why many people choose to purchase a manual coffee grinder for their needs. 

The primary reasons for people to choose manual coffee grinders are the price and the ease of use. So, have look at a few tips that can help you to choose an ideal coffee grinder that is manual and can give you the best value for money. 

Manual Coffee Grinder Buying Tips
Manual Coffee Grinder Buying Tips

Manual Coffee Grinder Size

There is a saying that size does matter which may not apply to the manual coffee grinder that you are about to purchase. Irrelevant of the size, most of these coffee grinders have the same capacity and do not vary much. So, choosing a compact one may be a good choice if you are choosing to take it to places that you travel to. This means that you can grind your coffee when you are in Brazil or Cuba and get the best out of roasted coffee beans. 

The Material The Grinder Is Made Of

You can choose between plastic, ceramic, and stainless-steel coffee grinders. While a stainless-steel manual coffee grinder is slim and durable, the ceramic one might not be so. Plastic is also durable but is bound to wear and tear over prolonged use. 

So, choosing a compact stainless-steel grinder may be a good choice for you in more ways than one. A ceramic grinder would be great on looks but should be handled with care. This is not the same as either stainless-steel or plastic coffee grinders. 

A vintage coffee grinder made out of wood may sound interesting to many people as it can have great looks. However, keep in mind that wooden grinders do not last and are subject to get worn out quicker than you expect. 

Grinding Options

The best grinder that you choose can give you multiple grinding options. If you are an espresso lover you may want this option with your grinding machine. This would ensure that you have the ideal powder to make your coffee. 

Manual Coffee Grinder Benefits
Manual Coffee Grinder Benefits


The grinders come with different blade options and you have the control of it. You can get coarse powder or fine powder depending on your preference. The grinder has a power button and you need to keep pressing it to get the powder in your desired form.


So, considering the above mentioned things would be better while choosing your manual coffee grinder. You may also want to consider purchasing a brand that is renowned in the market. This is because you are likely to get a good warranty with it. 

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