Measure Correctly All The Ingredients Of Your Foods Using This Amazing Digital Scale! You’ll Love It!

The key to a perfect brew every time is consistency in your methods and processes and also in the amount of grounds you use. Many people use a simple scoop or a spoon for measuring coffee beans or grounds but for someone who appreciates a great coffee should consider getting a digital scale. By measuring your grounds accurately by weight, you know that you are using the exact same amount every time you prepare a coffee.

In this article we’re going to introduce a digital scale that meets both the need to accurately weigh your coffee and time your brew, all in one device, making it faster and easier to make delicious coffee to enjoy with friends and family.

Digital Scale For Weighing And Timer

This digital scale offers everything you need in terms of functionality and accuracy. It has a compact minimalistic sleek design with a silicone heat resistant and waterproof pad so, splashes of coffee or water shouldn’t be a problem. With an invisible LED screen display, the scale allows you to easily read time and weight information.

This hand coffee scale is easy to clean and store and the design adopted is scratch-resistant and wear-resistant for a long time using. It perfectly matches the modern home and provides you a comfortable experience as it can be charged anytime and anywhere, with long-lasting battery life, displayed on the scale.

The plate is large enough to brew any style of manual brew method, yet with a small footprint. So, if you are looking for a fool-proof way of sipping a delicious cup of coffee, it’s time you invest in buying a digital scale.


  • Capacity: 0.5 – 2 kg
  • Battery: 1600 mAh
  • Material: Plastic
  • Package includes: (1) Digital Scale for Weighing and Timer
A close up of electronics


  • Simple, stylish, and compact design that offers everything you need from a brewing scale
  • The scale is accurate with weight display and timing so that your brews will be consistent and delicious
  • It has a lightning-fast response time with an LED backlight display
  • It has a USB-C port for fast charging with longer lasting cables
  • It has a long lasting battery life
  • It has a waterproof pad with silicone heat insulation to keep the table top dry and hygienic
  • With no extra edges and gaps, it’s easy to keep the scales clean
  • Auto- tare functionality and auto-timer mode
A close up of a coffee cup on a counter


  • It follows a metric system so there will be only grams and not ounces
  • The buttons are highly sensitive 


Having a good coffee scale will always ensure that your measurements are accurate thereby saving you from suffering disappointment in your brew quality. This coffee scale works for all kinds of manual brewing and is just the right product for building confidence in your abilities as a barista, plus it looks cool on your kitchen counter.

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