Must-Have Features Of Coffee Makers -

Must-Have Features Of Coffee Makers

Must-Have Features Of Coffee Makers

My family loves to have coffee, and coffee makers were very much required. Yes, more than once as I have placed one in my office also. In reality, our day doesn’t start without sipping into some warm coffee. It kicks starts our journey through the day. We also love to have our coffee during the evening sitting on our porch while chitchatting.

So, we have a coffee maker at home also. You must be planning to get one of the excellent coffee makers in the market if you are an as crazy coffee lover as I am. That’s great! But do you know how you must choose your right coffee maker? Yes, there are certain features that you must look for while you are going to see some coffee makers before buying.

Must-Have Features Of Coffee Makers
Must-Have Features Of Coffee Makers

Features Of Coffee Makers To Look For

1. Temperature

When it comes to coffee, we know that temperature is most important during the brewing time. In general, the temperature should be between 195°F – 205°F. If it goes higher than the boiling point, your coffee will burn. Likewise, if the water of your coffee is not rightly hot, it won’t be able to extract the coffee properly from ground coffee beans. When the coffee brews, the temperature change will change the taste of the coffee.

2. Speed

When you don’t have time too much time to make your coffee, a coffee maker is your savior. You just need coffee, and that’s also fast. There are lots of coffee brewers that take lots of time to brew one single pot. So you need a coffee maker that is really fast when you have to hurry while grabbing your coffee. Many coffee makers come with brew pause option.

3. Brew Strength

Depending on when I am drinking my cup of coffee, I love to change the coffee strength. The brew strength allows you to control the flavor intensity of the coffee. You want a coffee maker that will enable you to make such changes, and for that, you don’t have to change your coffee beans. You can simply have modifying options to improve your coffee flavor.

Must-Have Features Of Coffee Makers
Must-Have Features Of Coffee Makers

4. Coffee Makers With Easy Controls

I can list various options that you can find on some coffee makers. But you must find those options that you need without having too much choice. As the complexity of the coffee maker rise, so does the expense of it. See whether your requirement list and mine are same:

• A brew start timer with a 24-hour clock. It helps me to set the coffee maker before time.

• Self-cleaning option. With the cleaning option, the coffee maker cleans the calcium build-up itself.

• A 1-4 cup setting is a great option to come by. Yes, if you don’t need an entire pot full of coffee, it is helpful.

• The auto-off option is really great. It enables you to leave your house without worrying whether you have switched it off or not. The auto-off button prevents burning of coffee when you are away.

5. Filtering

Yes, filtering is vital for various reasons. The coffee we drink is made of water most times. So, we need good filtered water to get a quality cup of coffee. If there is a filter in the brewer, it reduces the impurities that alter the flavors. The coffee filter is another important filter. Get a coffee maker with a gold-tone coffee filter.

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