Small Coffee Maker: What Type of Small Coffee Maker Should You Choose

small coffee maker

What should you look for in a small coffee maker? Price: This is a particularly important consideration when purchasing any kind of single-serve coffee maker, not only small coffee machines. But the price is relative because different small coffee brewers can range from a few dollars to a few hundred dollars. The more expensive brands typically offer higher quality and more advanced features.

Size: Is the brewing area on the machine large enough? How much space do you have available for brewing? What about hot water storage? Is the brewing system dishwasher safe? The best small coffee makers are those that fit well in your kitchen and offer the best overall value.

Look at the Different Types: Small Coffee Maker

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There are several types of single-serve coffee makers available. For coffee lovers who like to brew stronger blends, a 4-cup machine is a way to go. These units produce a strong cup of Java that is great for those who enjoy drinking espresso as well as decaf. These units also fit well in the cabinet for storing other appliances like the vacuum cleaner and blender. A true coffee lover will use these types of units often. If you’re not a coffee fan, consider investing in a quality large single cup coffee machine instead.

Ease of Use:

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You want a small coffee maker that is easy to use. The easier it is to use, the more often you’ll use it. Some units require nothing more than a simple set of instructions to complete the whole process, while others require additional steps. Are there separate settings for hot brewing? Do all of the controls belong to a single push button?

Space-Saving Design: Coffee machines with small sizes don’t necessarily mean they have to be smaller in size. Consider purchasing a compact model that utilizes the most space possible. In addition, you should look for products that use the least amount of energy and/or heat. Some of the latest compact coffee makers offer automatic drip irrigation for an even more space-saving design.

K-Cups or Pod Systems:

You may be familiar with the k-cups system and how it works. Basically, these are coffee pods that you place in the mouth of your machine. The machine makes coffee and dispenses it directly into the k-cups. You simply have to use your provided pods for brewing the coffee. Although this is a very convenient type of small coffee maker, keep in mind that a single cup of brewed coffee uses up to 5 k-cups, so the system isn’t a good choice for larger families or workspaces.

Manual or Multi Gears Coffee Machines:

Although this type of coffeemaker may not be as compact as some others, it can certainly make a great cup of coffee and save space in your kitchen. Typically, these machines come with an adjustable grind as well as an instructional guide that helps you in the proper brewing process. These units are also known to produce the best tasting cups of coffee as compared to other brewing systems.

Bottom Line

Overall, the review team was very pleased with the Pro-Line Drip machine. This machine has a number of great features, which is why the reviewers were particularly excited about buying this particular machine. Even if you plan on buying the drip brewer later down the road, it is important to note that there are other drip brewers that can be purchased at a lower price. Regardless of whether you are looking for a coffee machine to serve your business needs or just to please your palate, the Pro-Line Drip machine is definitely worth checking out.

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