The French Press Coffee Tutorial And Troubleshooting

There are many different types of coffee brewing methods; the one which everyone loves the most is the import press coffee. French caffeine is a simple and easy way to make a cup of coffee delicious.

Make the hot water steep over ground coffee granules for five minutes before filtering and serving. It seems more straightforward, but obviously, it is not as same as it looks. This French coffee tutorial makes you how difficult to make a perfect coffee.

French Press Coffee Tutorial:

Let us take a look at the French  coffee tutorial:

Step-1: Blending The Coffee:

Always measure coffee by volume, as it is easy and more straightforward to remember. Take one tbsp. of coffee for 8 tbsp. of water. For the strong recipe, take 1 tbsp. of coffee for 6 tbsp. of water.

The French Press Coffee Tutorial And Troubleshooting

The French Press Coffee Tutorial And Troubleshooting

Step-2: Grinding Coffee: French Press Coffee

Make sure to heat some water before grinding the coffee.

Step-3: Adding Coffee And Water:

Now, add the coffee into the French Coffee. Wait for 30 seconds to one minute after the water gets heat. It makes to lower the temperature from boiling to brewing. Now, start a timer. Pour water onto the coffee press pot. After pouring water onto the French  coffee, you can observe some lumps on the top of the coffee. It is because of coffee grounds are not making contact with the water.

Step-4: Stirring: French Press Coffee

Even though you pour slowly, you can still see the lumps of coffee grounds on top of the water. You can stir it to solve the issue.

Step-5: Slow Down The French Coffee Press:

For every French coffee press, the brewing time will be in between three to six minutes. Now, slow down your press after three to four minutes. Now, press the plunger down. Press it gently as it needs to have some resistance. You need to grind a little finer if you haven’t found resistance.

Step-6: Serving Coffee: French  Coffee

Serve and enjoy the coffee. Avoid one inch of coffee in the French coffee press pot to not get the coarse coffee grounds.

Troubleshooting Bad Coffee With French  Coffee Tutorial:

Some beginners can make some mistakes even though the French coffee tutorial is followed. Take a look at some problems and the solutions.

The French Press Coffee Tutorial And Troubleshooting

The French Press Coffee Tutorial And Troubleshooting

Making coffee tastes weak?

It happens when the coffee grind is too rough. Grind the coffee to a finer and always ensure that you allow the coffee too steep for four to five minutes.

Is your coffee tastes bitter?

Maybe the coffee is too finer to get a bitter taste. Try to use rough coffee grounds.

Is your coffee too strong?

Steep your coffee for 3 minutes. And don’t make your coffee brew more time.

Thick sediment?French  Coffee

It happens with the filtering problem. If your French coffee filter doesn’t fit tight against glass container, then coffee sediments will go up. Therefore, a thick and gritty substance will form on top of your coffee. Filters will be damaged. You need the replace the filters if this happens.

Is water taking too much to boil?

Never fill the entire French coffee press pot with water. If the water is taking too long to boil, then replace your press pot with an electric kettle.

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