The Trainees’ Guide To Pour Over Coffee

We all have hoisted in line at a coffee shop and seen many people collation for pour over coffee. And I can say that once you have tasted it you will love it and you might think of doing this at home. But it’s a time taking the process to learn how to brew great coffee.   

The Trainees' Guide To Pour Over Coffee
The Trainees’ Guide To Pour Over Coffee

First You Have To Learn What Is Pour Over Coffee?

Whenever you see this, you will also have one thing in mind that what makes this coffee style so special, and the answer is there is nothing so special about it. It’s just the process and the result. In case you are a coffee lover, and then you will surely want to learn all the processes and other stuff of this pour-over coffee. 

Three Basic Elements Of Great Pour Over Filter Coffee

There are three basic elements of great pour-over filter coffee. And these elements are:

  • Freshly grounded coffee
  • Coffee filter
  • Pour over brewer

In simple words, you can say that you can create a very clean tasting coffee. But it’s not that simple as you may think. But you do not need to worry about anything here you will get to know all the secrets.  

Equipment Need For Pour-Over Coffee

The Trainees' Guide To Pour Over Coffee
The Trainees’ Guide To Pour Over Coffee

If you want to make a perfect coffee, then don’t cut corners. Apart from all the essential items here, we have basic elements for filter coffee:

  • You can choose the type of Coffee filter, which is reliant.
  • The coffee should be a good burr coffee grinder.
  • Coffee sifter, but it’s non-compulsory.
  • Then you need Gooseneck pot so that you can get warm water at the best flow rate.
  • You need a Coffee scale on which you can measure every gram.
  • It is optional, but you can have a serving vessel.
  • And at last, you need a thermometer.

In What Way To Style Pour-Over Coffee?

It noises easy once you caught that you need Chore beans, add water, and drink pleasant coffee. But it’s not at all like this for perfect tasting coffee you need practice and patience. But to solve your problems here, we have step by step guide for you which will make things easy for you. 

Heat Water To 195-205 Degrees Fahrenheit

The first step is that you need to get the water temperature right degree, and you can measure it with your thermometer. But in case you don’t have a thermometer, then you can use this trick, which is you simply wait till water boil and remove it from heat. And then do one thing wait 30 seconds before brewing.

Weigh Your Coffee

It is very important that you know how much coffee you want. And you have to measure it in the right amount before making your coffee because the right quantity will give you perfect tasting coffee. 

Wet Your Filter

Wetting your filter is a very important part before making coffee. It’s because after rinsing, you will get rid of the paper taste.

Grind The Coffee

Grinding is a very important step, and doing it before brewing will give you better control over taste. And this will make great tasting coffee. 

Pour Water

The last step is to pour water. And it’s done in two-part bloom and brew time.

By following these steps, you will get to make pour-over coffee. This guide will help you in common facing issues. 

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