Tiktok Coffee Recipe You Should Try Out At Least Once

Tiktok Coffee Recipe

During this pandemic, this recipe has taken social media in a storm. On Instagram, Tiktok, Facebook, and Twitter wide range of users are making this coffee recipe, a fluffy, creamy iced-coffee drink, and posting it with the hast tag #dalgonacoffee has 10.7 million views on Tiktok which made this coffee recipe viral and is named as Tiktok coffee recipe. For all the caffeine-lovers who are missing their daily routine of consuming coffee due to this pandemic issue, this TikTok coffee recipe has bought normalcy back into your lives.

The Tiktok Coffee Recipe

A plate of food and a cup of coffee

Here is the famous TikTok coffee recipe, make your mind-blowing coffee staying home safe. To make this coffee, all you need is only four ingredients- instant coffee powder, granulated sugar, hot water, and cold milk.

Ingredients Required- equal portions of ingredients are to be taken for the perfect recipe.

Two tablespoons instant coffee

Two tablespoons granulated sugar

Two tablespoons of hot water

Procedure For Coffee Recipe

A cup of coffee on a table

Step 1- Take a bowl and add an equal proportion of instant coffee, granulated sugar, and hot as mentioned above.

Step 2- Now take a whisk to beat the mixture for 5-7 minutes until it turns to be a thick creamy texture and caramel brown. Doing this procedure with hand using a whisk is a bit hard work as you have to stress on your hand too much. It is suggested to use a hand mixer or a milk frother to make this procedure, even more, easier and output in a short period. The mixture gets thicker gradually, and you will know once it is thick enough when it sticks to the mixer and does not fall off. That is when the creamy froth is ready to go.

Step 3- Now take a glass, place few ice blocks into the glass, and now pour the cold milk, preferably vegan milk like soy milk, almond milk, oats milk, etc. Take a scoop of the creamy coffee and place it on the top of the iced-milk using a spoon, stir it to combine with the milk, and finally decorate it with another scoop of the coffee froth. It is suggested to use the milk and the coffee cream in a 3:1 ratio to make your best coffee.

Tips To Make Best Coffee Recipe

Whipping is the most important part of this coffee recipe. For better results, use a small bowl so that the beater reaches till the mixture at the bottom of the bowl and will have a proper surface area to beat the mixture completely, be patient till the mixture gets thick, always make your coffee recipe only when you prefer to drink never make it 30 minutes before of more as the fluffy texture deflates. Use milk, which is rich in thickness for a proper taste.

Varieties Of Coffee Recipes In Whipped Coffee

This coffee recipe is a strong hit of dark coffee taste if you want it in a low coffee level, you can add the coffee froth in a limited margin depending on your requirement, as this coffee recipe has low sweetness in it if you are too much attached to the sweetness you can add up some more sugar in the milk and stir to meet your taste. To make it chocolaty dizzy, the glass with chocolate syrup before you pour your milk into the glass and add melted chocolate at the top at last. Topping like cookies and brownies can also be added as per your tastes toward deserts.


This is the best instant, an easy coffee recipe you can make at your home to boost up your day with this TikTok coffee recipe, now it’s your turn to give it a try and post it on any social media with the hashtag #dalgonacoffee.

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