Tips For Creating Your Own Coffee Milkshake Recipe

coffee milkshake recipe

One of the things that I am always asked to make in a friends house is a coffee milkshake recipe. It’s funny how people seem to think that a milkshake is a frozen giant milkshake that is covered in ice cream and nuts. In reality, this is actually one of the simplest milkshake recipes available, which you could make at home easily, and if you prefer something sweeter and richer such as an after dinner dessert, then a coffee milkshake recipe is perfect.

Two Cups Of Cold Brew Coffee

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For starters, you’ll need: Two cups of cold brew coffee, two cups of half milk, two tablespoons of vanilla extract, three or four fresh or frozen vanilla beans, a strainer, a milk carton or other glass jar in order to strain the coffee, a bowl to hold the coffee, and some food coloring. The coffee can be grounded first, but if not you can go ahead and grind it. This will ensure that your coffee doesn’t have any unwanted lumps. Then you just need to add the two cups of half milk, the vanilla beans, and the two tablespoons of vanilla extract into your mixing bowl. Stir until the ingredients are completely blended.

Now that everything is blended, you just need to place all the ingredients in your food processor and process them until they become smooth. At this point, you would want to add the milk mixture into the strainer and let it sit for approximately thirty minutes so that all the lumps are removed. After that, you need to run the strainer to prevent the mixture from clogging. After the thirty minutes are up, you can pour the contents of your bowl into the freezer.

Double Batch

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Next, you will want to make a double batch. Once the mixture has been in the freezer for approximately three hours, you will then want to pour the contents of your bowl into another container and seal it. The reason for this is so that you do not have to run back and forth to pour off the first batch. Now, you can heat up the water bath which is located on the top of your boiler and add the two cups of cold brew coffee and the two teaspoons of vanilla. Turn your electric coffee milkshake machine on and when it asks you if you want to grind the beans, just say yes.

Pour The Coffee

You will now pour the coffee mixture into your cup, followed by the two teaspoons of vanilla extract. Then you will place the cup into the water bath for approximately ten minutes so that the mixture becomes warm. Before you place the ingredients into your freezer, you should also put them into a paper bag that will keep them from melting.

Final Words

One thing that you must remember when making this drink is that you will need to add about two tablespoons of sugar in each glass of coffee. You will also need to ensure that you have taken all the ingredients for the coffee, including both vanilla ice cream and milk. You will then be able to add a measuring teaspoon of vanilla extract into the first cup of coffee. Next, you will want to add one tablespoon of lemon juice to the second cup of coffee. Finally, you will want to blend all ingredients together until the coffee is blended.

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