Tips on Choosing a Braun Coffee Grinder

braun coffee grinder

Every machine needs maintenance. If you own a Braun coffee maker, you should regularly maintain it so that you get the best performance out of it. To maintain your coffee maker, follow these simple steps. When brewing in the motorized model, place the top plate of the machine onto a flat, hard surface. Keep your hand away from the spout and handle only the filter basket. Holding your Braun coffee maker upside down, gently shake out any loose coffee grounds from the system into a trash can.

An Overview

Coffee Grinder

After brewing a cup of coffee, take the filter basket out of the coffee maker and discard the grounds in it. Place the basket in a trash container lined with a paper towel or kitchen towel. For the electric model, the same steps should be followed, but first turn the power switch on. While the machine is still running, use a long pin attached to the bottom of the coffee maker to pull the filter completely out. Be sure to place the whole beans in a coffee bin or large basket instead of throwing them away.

When grinding your own coffee beans, it is advisable to use the finest burr grinder that you own. A burr grinder has two sets of grinding wheels. The outermost set has a larger surface area than the inner set of wheels. This allows you to polish off the last bit of dust before grinding the coffee. Only a professional-grade Braun coffee grinder is able to make this last-minute polish.

Cleaning Tips 

Coffee Grinder

Before cleaning the product features or blade grinder, close the lid using the secure latch. Use only a clean sponge to wipe down the product features and blade grinder. If there are any sharp objects present on the lid, such as screws or nails, they should be removed before wiping down the lid. On models featuring an included mesh filter, it is important to ensure that the mesh filter is thoroughly cleaned and wiped as well. This will prevent the filter from being clogged with debris and dust.

After the lid is removed, you should turn on the electric motor for the first time and fully switch off the power. You can then wipe down the entire coffee grinder, including the blade and the mesh filter. For easier cleaning and maintenance, you can also use a cloth or a paper towel to wipe down the grinding plate. This will help remove any dust particles that may have remained after you have turned off the power. To clean the bean hopper, simply remove the coffee hopper and wash it thoroughly with water. Then dry the hopper and store it in a zip lock bag.

Temperature Guide 

In order to maximize the flavor of your espresso or cappuccino, you should make sure that your machine is properly preheated. To do this, set the machine’s temperature according to the package instructions. Most manufacturers recommend that coffee be preheated to around 140 degrees Fahrenheit, but this setting will vary according to your particular model. Once your machine is properly preheated, you should place the coffee grinds inside and allow them to sit for five minutes before grinding them again. Once all of the beans have been ground, you can place the lid back on your machine and spin the handle to grind more beans.

The main thing that most people enjoy about their Braun coffee makers is the variety of different styles and functions that they offer. Some models include a touch-screen dial for easy use. Others offer preloaded coffee flavors that feature herbal combinations such as Almond or Blueberry. A unique function that are not available on all models, but can be found on some, is the ksm2 aromatic coffee grinder. This specific model is designed to grind and brew Kona coffee, which is a premium, artisan coffee from Hawaii. This unique feature gives you the opportunity to enjoy the best of what the beans from Hawaii can offer.


There are several things you should know when buying a Braun Coffee Grinder. One is that the brand name of the grinder does not indicate how well the coffee will taste, but rather just the style and type of grinder. Another thing to keep in mind when shopping for a Braun Coffee Grinder is that you will want to shop for it based on the amount of usage you expect from the machine, as well as the quality of the beans that are used. Lastly, keep in mind that coffee beans should always be ground using a regular coffee bean grinder, as any kind of mesh filter would simply disrupt the natural grind your beans undergo.

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