Why Coffee One Is The Most Popular Franchise In the UK

coffee one

Coffee #1 is a British coffee shop business that began in Cardiff, Wales in 2001 and is now majority-owned by Caffè Nero since 2019. Coffee#1 has locations throughout Wales and southern England, as well as along the M4 corridor.

Their beliefs have made them well-liked in the United Kingdom.



Rather than describing the hundreds of ingredients that go into making great coffee, let’s just say we take great care in selecting the best beans and producing exceptional coffee that we’re confident you’ll like.



We don’t believe in hard wooden benches; we believe coffee should be sipped in comfort, which is why all of our stores have plenty of soft furniture and trademark Chesterfields.


Coffee has become the fuel of the busy, but we feel that slowing down is just as vital, which is why Coffee#1 provides a peaceful environment in which to stop and unwind.


Our knowledgeable baristas and supervisors are always happy to answer your inquiries and put you in the direction of your ideal drink or delightful treat.

History Of Coffee One

James Shapland, Anthony Shapland, David Jones, and Maryanne Tagney Jones co-founded Coffee #1 in 2000. In 2002, James Shapland was named Managing Director, and when the company was sold in 2011, he was the largest shareholder. Until the sale in 2011, Jones and Tagney Jones, both of Washington State, were minority stockholders and non-executive directors.

Coffee#1 founded its first coffee shop on Wood Street in Cardiff in 2001, and before the end of the year, it had expanded to three locations. Shapland built the business into a market leader in South Wales and the South West of England. In 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013, the firm earned the Cafe Society’s Coffee Bar Chain of the Year award, as well as the Beverage Service Association’s ‘Best UK Coffee Chain’ in 2009. 

Coffee#1 was purchased by SA Brain, a Cardiff brewery, in the fall of 2011 as a way to diversify their pub business. The move was considered as an indication of the beer market’s difficult trading conditions. Costa Coffee shops had previously been located in numerous of Brains’ pubs.


Progress of Coffee One goes on and after a strategic assessment, SA Brain revealed in mid-2018 that they wanted to sell majority ownership in Coffee#1. In January 2019, Caffè Nero purchased a 70% share of the company, which had 92 locations at the time. Nowadays, people are getting crazy over the pastries of Coffee One. Never fail to try out their Almond Croissant, Vegan Raspberry Croissant, and Pain au Chocolat pastries.

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